How to include kids in the kitchen | Cook Smarts 'How to raise healthy eaters' series

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We think the #1 way to raise healthy eaters is to create lots of opportunities for them to participate in meal making. In this video, we've come up with a variety of activities that will include kids of all ages in the kitchen. Learn more here:

Text of How to include kids in the kitchen | Cook Smarts 'How to raise healthy eaters' series

  • Kids of every age can play a role in the kitchen! The more theyre exposed to food and cooking, the more likely they are to build a curiosity and appreciation for food and health. Here are some great ways to include kids of any age in the cooking process.
  • SHARING COOKING KNOWLEDGE A curiosity for food and cooking can be shared at an early age. Share your knowledge and include kids in the decision making process - younger kids especially love it when you give them responsibility that they dont expect.
  • Introduce them to the names of different ingredients SHARING COOKING KNOWLEDGE
  • Discuss the meal tastes and textures and what they enjoyed SHARING COOKING KNOWLEDGE
  • Brainstorm meal ideas together SHARING COOKING KNOWLEDGE
  • IMPROVING THEIR ARITHMETIC It's never too early to teach kids fractions. Let kids use a scale to weigh ingredients or measuring spoons and cups for sauces, vinaigrettes, and spice mixes. Challenge older kids by asking them to scale and adjust measurements.
  • Add pre-measured ingredients IMPROVING THEIR ARITHMETIC
  • Measure and weigh ingredients IMPROVING THEIR ARITHMETIC
  • Scale and adjust ingredients IMPROVING THEIR ARITHMETIC
  • OPERATING TOOLS & APPLIANCES Getting children comfortable with kitchen tools and appliances will give them increased confidence in the kitchen.
  • Hold down buttons (on salad spinners, food processors, blenders) with supervision OPERATING TOOLS AND APPLIANCES
  • Operate tools and appliances on their own OPERATING TOOLS AND APPLIANCES
  • CREATING A GREAT SOUS CHEF Younger kids can do lots with a pair of scissors, their hands, or even a special kid's knife. You can slowly graduate them to using an adult knife when they're ready. The earlier they start helping with the chopping, the sooner they'll become your awesome sous chef.
  • Tear greens by hand, like lettuce, kale, and chard PREPPING AND CHOPPING
  • Use scissors to trim green beans, slice bell peppers PREPPING AND CHOPPING
  • Prep easy-to-chop ingredients with a kids knife PREPPING AND CHOPPING
  • Prep easy-to-chop ingredients with a regular knife PREPPING AND CHOPPING
  • Prep ingredients with a chefs knife PREPPING AND CHOPPING
  • CREATING CONFIDENT LITTLE COOKS Younger kids can participate in the cooking process with safe and easy tasks like assembling, stirring, and seasoning. As kids get older, consider delegating a part of dinner to them. It'll give them ownership and also build life skills they'll get to use forever!
  • Assemble pizzas and casseroles CREATING CONFIDENT COOKS
  • Stirring and shaking (soups and breading) COOKING
  • Seasoning and tenderizing proteins with a fork COOKING
  • Put them in charge of making salad dressings COOKING
  • Be responsible for a part of dinner COOKING
  • Live happier, simpler, smarter in the kitchen Click here to learn more on how to create healthy eaters