Different ways to make best instant noodles taste even great

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  • Different ways to make best instant noodles taste even great

    Instant noodles are widely popular with children and working women or bachelors alike, as they are very convenient to make, cheap to buy and tastes great. Now, with various companies coming out with different flavours of instant noodles, finding the best instant noodles from it is no easy task. However, the best option would definitely be the one that tastes the best and provides at least some nutrition.

    Now you can also find different ways in which to make these best instant noodles taste even greater.

    To enhance the taste, one can add varied condiments or sauces to the noodles. Rice vinegar, miso paste, Thai curry paste or fish sauce are just some examples of sauces that can be added to the best instant noodles, thus making it more tasty.

    Pepper or chilli flakes topped on the noodles cooked with chicken stock as well tastes just awesome. Its often your choice on how to make the best instant noodles more tasty and nutritious.

    If you can replace fresh veggies such as cabbage, broccoli, spinach or bean sprouts instead of frozen vegetables in the best instant noodles, it would definitely taste better and will be nutritious as well.

    To add to the taste, one can also add in a bit of cheese to the instant noodles, thus making it widely popular.

    Pieces of meat or non-veg like the chicken or even prawns to the instant noodles helps to make it rich in protein. Taste of this nutritious best instant noodle, in the meanwhile will be just awesome.

    Adding the spices to the instant noodles is another way to make it tastier.

  • For the protein or as the best taste enhancer, adding eggs cooked, boiled or fried to the instant noodles is a good option.

    You could also choose to dry roast the instant noodles with half a packet masala initially and then add roasted veggies and more spice mix to it. This tastes just

    delicious. You can add the lemon to it at the end for more taste.

    There are many more other ways in which one can add to the taste of the best instant noodles even as it is made more nutritious and healthy for the people. If one is concerned with the health factor you are also able to find instant noodles made of wheat or even other multi grains.

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