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Christina Mann: Taste real June 9

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1. Taste Real Guelph Wellington Local Food Publicly Supported Buy Local Program 2. PARTNERS Farms Farmers Markets Restaurants Retailers Processors Caterers Distributors Food and agricultural organizations and events local municipalities 3. LOCAL FOOD MAP 40,000 copies printed annually Available online Online food finder connected through 4. ONLINE Website E-newsletter FB Twitter You Tube 5. RURAL ROMP Spring and Fall 13-15 locations Authentic rural experience Learn about local food production first hand Meet farmers and food producers Build customer relationships 6. LOCAL FOOD FEST Celebration of local food Local food and drink Farmers market And exhibitors Activities entertainment Food skills workshops 7. FARMALCIOUS Season long dining event Promotes collaboration and partnerships chef and farmers Highlights local restaurant champions 8. B2B Networking Platform for B2B connections Wholesale vendors Resource 9. Source It Here Networking Tradeshow Speakers Collaboration with Foodlink Waterloo Region 10. Initiative of the Guelph Community Health Centre First farmer map in 2005 Health focus HOW DID IT BECOME A PUBLICLY FUNDED INITIATIVE 11. 45 stakeholders across the region (County, City, Tourism stakeholders, farmers, food businesses, OMAFRA) Food Tourism and branding strategy 2009 2011 OMIF grant 12. Key: municipal stakeholders, partners across the region County of Wellington, Guelph CHC, Elora Fergus Tourism, OMAFRA, Town of Minto, Township of Mapleton, Township of Wellington North, Visit Guelph, WWCFDC, UoGuelph 13. What was successful? Funding for coordinator position Office space Additional Ec Dev initiatives and opportunities 14. What was successful? Leveraging partnerships and resources within the organization Growing and supporting new initiatives 15. Challenges Transitioning Reporting structure Perception 16. Key learnings Find your champions Build relationships with municipal staff and decision makers 17. Celebrate successes! 18. @tastereal Thank you!

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