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The BP Oil Spill Summary In The Gulf of Mexico

BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill summary

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Text of BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill summary

The BP Oil Spill Summary

The BP Oil Spill SummaryIn The Gulf of Mexico

The Scope of DisasterThe BP Deepwater Horizon rig drilling into the Macondo oil field a mile deep in the Gulf of Mexico exploded and sank. Eleven workers on the rig were killed. The collapse of the rig and drill pipe unleashed the largest marine oil spill in history, 4.9 million barrels (207 million gallons), only about 50 miles southeast of the Mississippi River Delta.

Initial Explosion

Pressurized Oil Flowed For Months

Unprecedented Wildlife Destruction

The Blame Game

Oil Spill May Exceed Estimates-Radio Story- NPR


Cleanup: Burning Oil in Gulf

Surfectant dispersants (soap) was added to surface oil, which made it disappear from the surface

Surfectant (dispersant) Application

Active Oil Platforms in Gulf

Lasting Habitat and Economic Destruction

Other oil spills:

Definitely not!

The End

The End