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  • 1. Birds :D I found these two crows just chilling there. It was a very windy day. And one was eating mayonnaise.

2. A close up of the one eating mayonnaise. 3. The other one is just like for the love of god, clean yourself. 4. Crows are very intelligent animals. Heres a video that proves that:http: // Click on the link!!! Or well murder you.* Fun Fact: A collective group of crows is referred as a murder. * 5. Some crow artwork by Joel Vasquez 6. The creepy fake owl that is over by the 200s. Its funny because birds still fly by there and this thing is supposed to scare them away. 7. Owl silhouettes done with paper. 8. A pigeon living its life. 9. Looking for its next victim. 10. I found this little guy sitting on the leaves of a palm tree. 11. Two more of these little pals. They seem mad at each other. 12. The Loner. 13. Searching for earthworms on the schools grass field. 14. Always alert in case of danger. 15. Here I tried capturing the bird and instead I captured the background and when I tried to snap another shot the bird was already gone :( 16. A bird eating a granola bar? Piece of bread? 17. Different angle!! 18. Different angleagain!! 19. Another angle!!! Just kidding. I didnt move at all, only the bird did. Im a lazy photographer Haha. 20. Credits: Bird 1 Bird 2 Bird 3 Bird 4 Bird 5 Bird 6, otherwise know as Cornelius Bird 7, brother of Cornelius, Jimmy Bird 8 Bird 9 Bird 10 Bird 11 Bird 12 Special Thanks to: Person who dropped mayonnaise, and whatever it is the last bird is eating. Without you this beautiful images would not have been captured and forever sealed in our hearts.