Wishes and imaginary situations

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Text of Wishes and imaginary situations

  • 1. Wishes And ImaginarySituations
    Karen L. lvarez R.
    English IV
    Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • 2. I wish I had more free time, if I had more free time I would share more time with my family and my friends
  • 3. I wish I had a new car, if I had a new car I could sleep longer in the morning and I would go arrive early at university
  • 4. We wish we were doctors, if we were doctors we could help in the healthbrigades
  • 5. He wishes he didntlive so far of his home, if he didntlive so far of his home he couldbesharinghisbirthdaywithhis son
  • 6. I wish I played piano, if I played piano I would do musicpresentations and I couldearnmoney in my free time
  • 7. I wish I wereyounger, if I wereyounger, I could do things more funny and I wouldhavelessobligations
  • 8. I wish I were a richwomen, if a were a richwomen I wouldtravelaroundtheworldwith my family and friends
  • 9. I wish I lived in Bogot, if I lived in Bogot I wouldstudy medicine in Javeriana university
  • 10. Shewishshewere a great doctor, ifshewere a great doctor shecouldsave more lives
  • 11. I wish I werefamous, if I werefamous I wouldhavemoney and could do importantactionsforhelpthepeoplethatdonthavethesameconditions of life