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3. Synopsis
The film follows the main male character (Name TBA) and his group of friends.
One of them gets an invitation to a masquerade ball, to which they all agree to go to
The film also follows a lonely girl, her parents are best friends with the Host of the masquerade ball.
Her parents convince her to go to the masquerade ball and possibly meet new people
The masquerade ball is a central part of the film, a lot if not all of the characters will be involved here at some point, there will be flashbacks etc... to this ball and retelling what happened here
At the party the two main characters hit if off despite the lead male characters friends finding something wrong about the girl
The night progress and the two get closer and closer despite the friends still protesting
The night ends with a kiss between the lovers amid extreme drunkenness from fellow party goers and various cases of violence
4. Synopsis Continued
The two find it hard to leave amid the chaos with them each being trapped in gangs of people before leaving, each are unsure of what happened to the other
The male characters friends meet up afterwards to see their friend upset about the fact that he cant find this girl. As they try to relive last night and see where she went, one of the group remembers who this girl is and the family she is part of. This family destroyed his parents business which drove his father to suicide.This causes the friend to fall out with the main character and also become the antagonist of the film as he tries to stop the two meeting again and also cause pain in this girls life
The rest of the friends and the lead character continue to try and find the girl which takes them through a lot of drama from angry party goers etc...
5. Target Audience
Primarily people aged 16 25
Will appeal to other ages
Romantic film so appeal to people who are into that
Majority male cast so appeals to male
Love story appeals more to females
6. Inspiration
BazLurhmans Romeo + Juliet
Welcome to the masquerade Thousand Foot Krutch
Doctor Who The Girl In The Fireplace
Doctor Who Voyage Of The Damned
7. Look/Feel (image wise)