Vladimir propp & tzvetan Todorov's narrative theory

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Text of Vladimir propp & tzvetan Todorov's narrative theory

  • 1. By Simone Collins
  • 2. Vladimir came up with a theory that in every narrative there is always a certain someone who play certain roles.
  • 3. The Hero leads the narrative and is normally looking for something or trying to solve something. This character does not have to be a male. In Verses we have two Heros who are Declan Mulligans parents. After his struggle throughout the film, torn between his planned out life by his family or Poetry which he would rather pursue, his family at the end understand Declans passion for Poetry which eventually allows him to pursue his career which he then Tours the World with his new friend Adam McKenzie.
  • 4. The Villain in a film is the character who conflicts with the character. The popular group at Declans school are the villains in our film. This is because they think that they are better than everyone else in the school, making them think that it is acceptable for them to pick on others. This is obvious when Declan befriends the new boy Adam who is from a lower background than everyone else. The popular group do not like this and things get even worse when they find out Declans hidden secret of a passion for poetry.
  • 5. The Heroine is simply some type of prize for the Hero. For example if the Hero is a male, then the Heroine could be a male. However this does not always have to be a person, it could be an object that the Hero is gifted by. In Verses the Heroine is something that Declan and his new friend have always wanted. There passions have been accepted and all the grief that they have been given from certain people has been forgotten with them coming out as the bad ones and Declan and Adam getting what they want.
  • 6. The father is an authority figure, of someone who offers a reward to the Hero for completing their quest. We dont have a father figure in our film Verses but Declans parents in the end give to Declan what he wanted. Also his new friend Adam helps him along the way, boosting his confidence.
  • 7. This character helps the hero and is often known as a side kick. In Verses I think that Adam McKenzie becomes the helper towards Declan. The more they get to know each other, the more they spend time together. Also due to the background Adam has compared to Declan, he is more outgoing which brings out the better in Declan, helping him further his poetry passion.
  • 8. The donor gives the hero something. This is normally a clue that helps them complete their quest. This character type doesnt appear in our film Verses.
  • 9. A mentor is the teacher who guides the hero. Again I think the mentor in Verses is Adam. This is because he is the first person to find out Declans hidden talent which he is passionate about, making him persuade and guide Declan into achieving his dream as a future.
  • 10. Todorov came up with a theory, that all narratives whatever is may be contain 5 stages which are: Equilibrium Disruption Recognition Action Equilibrium Restored
  • 11. PLOT- Declan is in the popular group at school and has his life planned out by his family and friends. CHARACTER- Declan Mulligan
  • 12. PLOT- New boy Adam comes to the school and befriends Declan which the popular group dont like. CHARACTER- Adam McKenzie, Declan Mulligan & the popular group.
  • 13. PLOT- Adam finds Declans hidden secret which is poetry. He tries to convince him to pursue it as a career. Adam is really good at playing the guitar. CHARACTER- Declan & Adam
  • 14. PLOT- Declan tells his family what he really wants to do, he sticks up for Adam in front of the popular group by telling them off. CHARACTER- Everyone
  • 15. PLOT- Declan and Adam end up being supported by their family, allowing them to pursue their chosen career. They then tour the World together. CHARACTER- Declan, Adam, Parents & the popular group.