"The World in Faces" By Photographer Alexander Khimushin

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Text of "The World in Faces" By Photographer Alexander Khimushin

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Our diversity is not a reason to hate each other. Quite the opposite, we must admire and respect it.The World In Faces is a collection of photographs featuring people ofdiverse cultural backgrounds from around the globe.The World in Faces project byAlexander Khimushin

A girl from the Ixil community of Guatemala

A woman of the Afar tribe from Ethiopia

A woman of the Mam people

A member of the Bodi tribe of Ethiopia

Wakham Valley Girl

A woman from the Xhosa tribe

A young man from Samoa

A woman from the Daasanach tribe

A Meitei man of Manipur, India

Rajastani Girl

A Rajastani man

A young woman from Japan

A woman from the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia

Afghanistan Girl

A man from Dakhla, Western Sakhara

Somaliland Girl

Afghani Grandma

A woman of the Nyangatom tribe of the Omo Valley

A young girl from Mauritius

Wakhan Valley Man

Atacama Girl

A Mongolian Tuvan man

A woman of the Wakhi People, from Afghanistan

A man from Somaliland

A woman from Ethiopias Karo tribe

Young Gelug Buddhist monk from Diskit Monastery in Himalayas, Nubra Valley, Kingdom of Ladakh.

A member of the Tsemay tribe in Ethiopia

Reang tribe woman

A man from Kyrgyzstan

Little Hamar Tribe Girl. Hamar are ethnic minority of South West Ethiopia.

A Kaqchikel woman from Guatemala

A woman from the Konso tribe of Ethiopia

A Shighnan girl from Afghanistan

A man from Tibet

A young girl from Dijbouti

A woman from the Ladakh tribe

An Uzbek man

A man of the Kiche people

A woman from the Hamar tribe of Ethiopia

Buryat man

PhotographerAlexander Khimushin, creator of The World In Faces project, poses with children from Ethiopia.