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Test review and nellie bly

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  • 1. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 9/24/12 7th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Warm-up: Spelling Pre-Test 2. Spelling/VocabularyAssignments: 3. Grammar-Grammar Test (TH) 4. Literature-Lit Circles (TH)-Vocabulary Packet (F)-Read 30 minutes1

2. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012Chapter 1, Lesson 10- Fragments and Run-OnsSentence Fragment- part of a sentence that is written as if itwere a complete sentence. Ex: The Rungus people in Malaysia. Fix:Run-on- two or more sentences written as thoughthey were a single sentence. Ex: The longhouse roof is made of palm leaves, the walls are made of tree bark. Fix: 2 3. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 3 4. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 s ed ce F ue ne nt p!!SuF ix 4 5. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,20122Thegoalofthisactivityistopracticecorrectingfusedsentences.Afusedsentenceconsistsoftwocompleteideasthatarejoinedwithoutthecorrectpunctuation.example:Wehadfuntodayweplayedanewgame.(incorrect)5 6. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 3Herearethreewaystocorrectafusedsentence: Maketwocompletesentences(period+capital)(Wehadfuntoday.Weplayedanewgame.) Useasemicolon(Wehadfuntodayweplayedanewgame.) Useacommaandaconjunction(musthaveboth)(Wehadfuntoday,sinceweplayedanewgame.) 6 7. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Howtoplay: 4 Inteamsoftwo,youmustfixthefusedsentence.The teamswhofixthesentencescorrectlyintheleast amountoftimewillwin. 1)Pressthetimertostartthetime. 2)Draganyitemsintheboxtocorrectlyfixthefused sentence.(Youmaywriteinanyotherconjunctions orpunctuationyoufeelyouneed.) 3)Pressthetimertostopthetime. 4)Theteacherwillrecordthetimestheclasswill decidewhetherthesentencehasbeenfixedcorrectly (teacheristhefinaljudge). 7 8. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012.Skiingisagreatsport itisbestwhenwehavelotsof snow. but , sinceor and because so 8 9. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Thegirlcrashedherhangglider , and . shesurvivedwithoutanyseriousinjuries butor so becausesince 9 10. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Myhusbandisagreatfootballplayer ,andhealsoknitsagreatsweater.since . or butbecause so 10 11. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012.WearingshortsinNovemberisweirdtheenvironmentisreallychanging. , sinceor but andbecause so 11 12. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 o laga in , and scho m issedhewF loyd illn everpass sinceatthis but sorate . because or .12 13. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,20125 Idislikeallkindsofdogs. Idontmindmonkeys. or butand,becauseso 13 14. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012IdonttakemanyrisksIliketostaysafe .becauseandor but , since so 14 15. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 BillyBobJoetoo kh isdogforawalk . us. mo pota ue hipp dabl cou nterenT heye but and,orsince because so 15 16. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Spidermanismyfavoritesuperheroand , hecanswingfrombuildingto building.since. or butbecauseso 16 17. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012andWherewereyoulastnight , Iwaitedallevening since . ?or butbecauseso 17 18. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 Janicespurpleandgreenhatisfreaky thestripesmakemedizzy , since. andor butbecauseso18 19. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Completesentencesmusthavetwo things:Subject Verb 19 20. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012Pullasentencefromtheleft.Identifythesubjectandverb.Checkyourworkbydraggingthesentenceintotheboxbelow.Youcanthrowawaythesentencewhenyouaredonewithit. Thenhelowershishand. Subject:heVerb:lowersYoujustcrosspathsnowandthen.PullSubject:YouVerb:cross 20 21. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Findthenounandverbineachsentence. Dragittotheappropriatecolumn. upthestreet. Atfirst hiseyes.backtoshutthedoor. Subject(Noun) Verb(Action) Mrs.Zinkofflooksshades He reaches 21 22. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 ComplementsGrade: 7 Subject:LanguageArts Date: 9/24/12 22 23. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,20121Which verbs areMultiple answer linking verbs?A wereB linksC beingD doing23 24. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,20122 Linking verbsTrue or FalseTrueFalseshow action.24 25. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012This sentence contains a predicate3 adjective: True or FalseTrueTonights meteor shower is thelast one for this year.False 25 26. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012This sentence contains a predicate4 adjective: True or FalseTrueThe weather during this years state fair was hot and humid.False 26 27. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 This sentence contains a predicate5noun: In 1921 the Nobel Peace Prize wasTrue or FalseTrue awarded to Albert Einstein.False 27 28. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012This sentence contains a predicate6 noun: True or FalseTrueIn his early childhood, Marshall acted like such a clown.False 28 29. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Fill in the blank with a7predicate noun:Multiple choice Harold is ______.A my friendB hard workingC quite socialD a bit tired 29 30. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012Fill in the blanks with a predicate8 adjective:Multiple choiceSantas elves were____andwanted to show off their agilityto the visitors at their workshop.A good entertainersB very proudC smilingD hard workers 30 31. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012What follows the verb in this9 sentence?Multiple choiceForks, spoons, and knives are commonimplements with which to eat a meal.A predicate nounB predicate adjectiveC linking verbD subject noun31 32. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 Read the sentence on the pull tab. 10What follows the verb inMultiple choice this sentence ? A predicate noun B predicate adjectiveC other D subject nounsPull Afavoritechildhoodcomicstripof mine,featuringArchieandJughead, ismakingacomebackwithtodays youngreaders.32 33. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 READING A BIOGRAPHY Define biography Features of biographies Why do people read biographies? Biographies you have read? People you would like to read about?33 34. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Set a Purpose: Two Key Questions- 1. 2. 34 35. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Two goals of biographers: 1. 2. 35 36. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 Preview: Title of Biography- Author- What did you learn from pictures, table of contents, or front and back covers?-Reading Strategy: Cause and Effect36 37. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 How are biographies organized? 1. 2. 3. 4. 37 38. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Connect: Whenever you read a biography, think about your impression of the person described. Ask yourself... 1. 2. 3. 38 39. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 Pause and Reflect: Go back to your reading purpose. Have you gotten the information you need? Ask your self questions like these about what you learned. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.39 40. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 Remember: What is a good rereading strategy and why? What are other reading strategies can be helpful in reading a biography? 1.4. 2.5. 3.40 41. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Find three other people to work with (groups of four). You may not work withsomeone who sits at your table. Some groups might be less than four. Talk about your knowledge web and add details from other students. 41 42. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 Knowledge WebFamily Early YearsPersonality Problems or ConflictsMotivation/Ambition Nellie BlyAccomplishments Appearance42 43. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebookSeptember25,2012 Find three other people to work with (groups of four). You may not work with someone you were just working with. Talk about your Responding to the Selection and add details from other students.43 44. TestreviewandNellieBly92412.notebook September25,2012 Nellie Bly 44