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  • 1. Ben Holmes Primary Research Analysis: Survey Monkey To gain a general idea of what my target audience want to see included in my final major project music video. I thought that a simple way I could gain this information would be to create a questionnaire on a website called Survey Monkey which allows you to create and publish questionnaires. For my primary research I created a survey to discover what my demographic audience would like to see included in a music video of my selected genre (Drum&Bass). I used social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as asking my colleagues from college to fill in the questionnaire, this way I ensured all the responses I received were from people of a similar age range that I intended to feature in my own music video. 1. The first question on my survey asked my target audience: Which setting would you most like to see featured in my music video? As you can see from the table above the most requested location for my music video to be filmed was in an Abandoned Building with 37.5% of the overall votes. This was rather surprising to me as I thought that most of my target audience demographic would prefer to see a music video filmed in a Night Club of at a House Party. However now I know that this is what my target audience want to see included in my music video I will try and incorporate an abandoned building into my project as well as a house party and bedroom set up also included. Hopefully this should leave the most significant percentage of my audience satisfied. 2. The second question on the survey read: Which brands would you most like to see featured in my music video?

2. The graph above shows that from the results of the survey; Smirnoff, Nike, Adidas & Pioneer are the most favoured Brands that my target audience would like to see included in my video. I am happy with this response as my music video will be featuring all the brands listed above and many more. This was just a safety question to ensure I did not include any un- popular brands that would make my video look unprofessional to my target audience. 3. Question number three was where I narrowed down my target audience demographic to a more specific age group. What is the age range you would consider suitable for a drum and bass music video? From the responses we learn that 37.5% of my target audience suggest the best age group to feature in a drum and bass music video would be anywhere between 15-20. This also came as a surprise to me as most drum and bass nights require a minimum age of 18 to attend. However drum and bass is currently expanding in Manchester and its followers are becoming more common. I will be including an age demographic similar to my own consisting of college members and friends outside of college of a similar age. No body over 25 will be featured in my music video as this is above my demographic. 4. This was another vital question contributing to the outcome of my final edit. I asked the question Would you prefer slow simple transitions between scenes or quick cut editing? Before asking this question I wasnt sure which style of editing would work best with the genre of my music video. However I was reassured by my target audience when I received the response of almost 60% of 3. people wanted to see quick-cut editing transitions. This was a huge relief for me as this was my favoured style of editing. I also agree that fast pace editing is definitely most suited to a drum and bass genre music video which has a nature of fast paced kicks and snares to keep the music video in sync. However almost 30% of responses said they would enjoy a combination of both fast and slow pace editing techniques included in my project; I feel that this would be the best way keep a large percentage of my audience satisfied. 5. I asked the respondents if they would enjoy seeing dancing in my music video. Just less than 90% of them said yes, while just over 10% said no. Due to these results I now plan on including a lot more dancing scenes in my music video. I plan on using members of my crew to film scenes containing unconventional dance moves and use different editing techniques to incorporate it into my final major project. 6. The final question I asked on my survey was: What type of camera shot do you prefer in drum and bass music videos? The options were close ups, long shots or a combination of both. As a general response over 70% of respondents said they would prefer a combination of shot types included in my music video. This was the result I anticipated, I am pleased with this as a music video containing just one shot type would be extremely boring and unprofessional. Overall the respondents left me with valuable feedback which I will take into consideration when projecting my music video. These results have enabled me to appeal to the correct demographic audience with my music video. Most of the information gathered supports my original project proposal so there are not too many changes I need to make to my production plans.