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Photographs by women recovering from addiction, exploring and reflecting on milestones and challenges to a positive future through photography. PhotoVoice in partnership with Diversity in Care |

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  • 1. Shutter Release PhotoVoice in partnership withDiversityInCare Workshops with women recovering from addiction Ealing, 2013

2. Tracey Sumner 3. My JourneyTracey Sumner 4. Change of direction.Tracey Sumner 5. Facing my demonsTracey Sumner 6. Getting rid of excess baggageTracey Sumner 7. Learning to walk againTracey Sumner 8. My life has been a messTracey Sumner 9. At times I thought Id go NUTSTracey Sumner 10. I didnt tick the right boxesTracey Sumner 11. Lost my sense of own personal affectsTracey Sumner 12. Self-medicating led to addictions, but now I listen to what the doctor saysTracey Sumner 13. A baby blanket is all I had left of my daughtersTracey Sumner 14. Their letters kept my heart goingTracey Sumner 15. I kept a shrine to get them backTracey Sumner 16. I want to be a real mumTracey Sumner 17. Tracey Sumner 18. Tracey Sumner 19. Tracey Sumner 20. Tracey Sumner 21. Tracey Sumner 22. Tracey Sumner 23. Tracey Sumner 24. Tracey Sumner 25. Tracey Sumner 26. Now its time to focusTracey Sumner 27. The switch is on 28. Healthy diet 29. Right beliefsTracey Sumner 30. Clear nooks and cranniesTracey Sumner 31. Fill in all the holesTracey Sumner 32. Wipe the slate cleanTracey Sumner 33. Make spaceTracey Sumner 34. Let go of the pastTracey Sumner 35. I am a mom, I have a family.Tracey Sumner 36. Sian Angus 37. Anxiety makes me hide awaySian Angus 38. I hide behind my brave faceSian Angus 39. Discipline. A routine is important to structure your life. Try to go to bed at the same time. Get up at the same time.Sian Angus 40. Self Acceptance. You may not like your hair but there are many hats out there. You may not have the money to change the shape your nose, so you have to live with it. There are so many people worse off than you.Sian Angus 41. Sian Angus 42. Face your fears. What are you scared of? Why are you scared? Usually the answers are simple you have made yourself scared and are just using it as an excuse to isolate yourself.Sian Angus 43. Dont sit in front of the TV all day drinking tea and smoking fags.Sian Angus 44. Her name is Baby, my reason for getting up in the morning. But I need more fulfilment in my life.Sian Angus 45. Getting Out. You live in the capital of England, yet you go no further than a couple of miles from your home. Get out there even if its on your own and explore this amazing city.Sian Angus 46. Create a safe haven to return to.Sian Angus 47. These feet should be out walking. 48. Finding and touching something real. Overcoming fear.Sian Angus 49. Recognise your talents. Get out there. Join groups and clubs. If you like yourself then other people will like you. No-one likes to be around a negative moaning Minnie.Sian Angus 50. No excuses now. Get out there and enjoy, come rain or shine.Sian Angus 51. Liza Stephens 52. I want to have inner peace and tranquillity. Inner peace means quietness and the absence of chatter in my head.Freedom to express the truth about feelings, showing I am happy in my soul and whole being. At one with the world. I hate being naked to the world. I dont want to be bullied again. I am finding it hard to take lifes knocks and move on. Im stuck and trapped in this endless life cycle of addiction, co-dependency and self-abuse. I will get there with each step. 53. VulnerableLiza Stephens 54. Stuck in the middle.Liza Stephens 55. HidingLiza Stephens 56. Anxious and fearful.Liza Stephens 57. Taking care of business. The reality of responsibility.Liza Stephens 58. A work in progressLiza Stephens 59. This is the start of my recovery / journey.Liza Stephens 60. Acceptance of my sensitivity and vulnerability.Liza Stephens 61. I need love, affection and comfort.Liza Stephens 62. Positive steps in the right direction.Liza Stephens 63. Developing a passion, with a razor sharp mind.Liza Stephens 64. Letting go of pre-conceived ideas.Liza Stephens 65. Steps to seeking fulfilment.Liza Stephens 66. Knowing the risks of not remaining abstinent.Liza Stephens 67. Knowing the risks of not remaining abstinent.Liza Stephens 68. Attaining fulfilment and joy.Liza Stephens 69. Attaining fulfilment and joy.Liza Stephens 70. Letting go of my old ways.Liza Stephens 71. Structure daily routine.Liza Stephens 72. Inner peace and serenity.Liza Stephens 73. Inner peace and serenity.Liza Stephens 74. Sobriety and long lasting friendships.Liza Stephens 75. Teri Austin 76. Im in prison of my own making.Teri Austin 77. Im lost. Where am I going?Teri Austin 78. Which route do I take?Teri Austin 79. I need something dependable and resilient.Teri Austin 80. Unity, recovery and service.Teri Austin 81. Accept my Dis-Ease.Teri Austin 82. Confront the wreckage of my past.Teri Austin 83. I need a solid structure.Teri Austin 84. To cross that bridge to normal living.Teri Austin 85. Dont put anything off till tomorrow.Teri Austin 86. This is my way to start each day.Teri Austin 87. Ready for a workout.Teri Austin 88. Face the fear.Teri Austin 89. Dont panic about little things.Teri Austin 90. Take control of your life.Teri Austin 91. Acceptance is the key.Teri Austin 92. Cut back the thorns to move upwards and onwards.Teri Austin 93. Are you ready to de-clutter?Teri Austin 94. There is a place for your rubbish outside.Teri Austin 95. Let go and trust.Teri Austin 96. Dont let excess baggage weigh you down.Teri Austin 97. Now for some nosh.Teri Austin 98. Share with loveTeri Austin 99. Dont give a damn about judgement.Teri Austin 100. Time to give back.Teri Austin 101. My past.Teri Austin 102. Be present.Teri Austin 103. Mary ONeill 104. Overwhelmed. Trying to do so many things all at once. Seeking perfection of myself in every role I play. Being pulled in every direction.Mary ONeill 105. Chaos. I was overwhelmed with the loss of my parents, divorce, debt, struggling to keep strong for my three kids.Mary ONeill 106. Make or break. Sink or swim. HELP.Mary ONeill 107. Pain of addiction. To think I thought the answer to my problems was to block pain and emotions in drink .Mary ONeill 108. Its the climb. There is always gonna be another mountain. Im always gonna want to make it move. There is always going to be an upward battle sometimes Im gonna have to lose. It aint about how fast I get there. It aint about whats written on the other side. Its the climb. 109. Cooking and cleaning are menial tasks I have to do, but loving my children and making them smile makes everything else worth while.Mary ONeill 110. Keep positive. Only actions will make you drink. A thought might suggest it. Can a thought alone open your hand? Actions speak louder than words.Mary ONeill 111. Stop. Never think negative. When you start experiencing negative thoughts, imagine a red light and put a stop to them.Mary ONeill 112. The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.Mary ONeill 113. Life is in a lot of ways just like a party. You invite a lot of people. Some leave early. Some stay up all night. Some laugh at you. Some laugh with you and some show up really late. At the end, once the fun is over, some of them will stay and help you clean up the mess, even though they have never made it. Its those people that really matter. The ones you can count on. True friends.Mary ONeill 114. Ive felt pain. Ive endured hardship. Ive suffered loss of loved ones and Ive memories I want to forget. However, these things have made me stronger and today I face the world with a smile. I know things will always get better. Those who love me will always be there for me. Seeing the light.Mary ONeill 115. Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.Mary ONeill 116. Gratitude. To be content and happy with everything we already have in life. You can always want more. Be aware of how lucky we are.Mary ONeill