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  • 1. Radio broadcasting is a wireless transmission to radio waves to get to listening audiences, it can also be done via cable radio, local wire television networks, satellite radio, and internet radio via streaming media on the Internet. There are two different types of radio signals digital and analogue.
  • 2. BBC World service its the worlds largest international broadcaster its available in 28 languages. It has been reported to have reached 188million people a week on a average in June 2009. The world services is currently funded by grant-in-aid through the foreign and common wealth and British government. The BBC world service currently broadcasts from broadcasting house in London. It broadcasts to many parts of the world via analogue and digital shortwave, internet streaming and podcasting, satellite, FM and MW relays. It is politically independent (by mandate of the Agreement providing details of the topics outlined in the BBC Charter), non-profit, and commercial-free. The English language service had always had a UK listenership on LW and therefore DAB Services allowed, by this popular demand, it to be now available 24/7 for this audience in better quality reception.
  • 3. The BBC also runs radio stations for the three "national regions That is in the UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These stations focus on local issues to a greater extent than their UK counterparts, organising live phone-in debates about these issues, as well as lighter talk shows with music from different decades of the 20th century. Compared to many advertising-funded Independent Local Radio (ILR) stations, which often broadcast contemporary popular music, BBC nations' radio stations offer a more "serious" alternative The BBC today runs eleven national domestic radio stations: These are National (UK wide): *BBC radio 1 *BBC radio 2 *BBC radio 3 *BBC radio 4 *BBC radio 5 live (main radio stations available via both analogue FM/AM digital audio broadcasting). *BBC radio 1XTRA *BBC radio 4XTRA *BBC radio 5 live sports Extra *BBC radio 6 music *BBC Asian network (New digital-only (internet streaming/sky/free-sat/freeview/DAB). These are the national regions but has many BBC stations. *Wales *Scotland *Northern Ireland
  • 4. There are 40 local radio stations by region for example, BBC Essex, BBC Norfolk, BBC Cambridgeshire and BBC Suffolk. They cover a variety of areas, with some serving a city and surrounding citys. So they do it in the East, East midlands, London, North East and Cumbria, North West, South, South East, South West, West, West midlands, Yorkshire and Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The radio stations are operated from stations around the country that usually share with the BBC regional news services, and their news gathering bureaux. The stations are operated by the region that the station is based in, and are responsible to the BBC English Regions department, a division of BBC News. The remit for each Local Radio station is the same: to offer a primarily speech based service comprising news and information, complemented by music. The target audience of BBC Local Radio are listeners aged over 50, who are not served as well as other age groups on the BBC. Each station produces most of their own programmes however, some off-peak programming is produced from one station and covering all stations in the region, some is simulcast with other neighbouring regions and all stations simulcast BBC Radio 5 Live overnight when the station is off the air.
  • 5. BBC has many different Platforms it is a different types of media that can be seen or heard on other electric items for example TV, the internet and radio or anything that gives the news a raised base to be seen on. Interactive is for example the all BBC website, BBC iplayer where you can play catch on shows that you have missed.
  • 6. The BBC gets the money from the TV license as they dont have adverts to pay them, this is an advantage because the money they get goes out to do a wide range of varieties of high quality, interesting and multicultural programming for all the viewers who watch BBC or goes to do all the radios and interactive sites they do for example BBC iplayer and make different ranges of programming for all different type of audiences.
  • 7. In the United Kingdom and the Crown Dependencies, any household watching or recording live television transmissions as they are being broadcast (terrestrial, satellite, cable, or internet) is required to hold a television license. Since 1 April 2010 the annual license fee has been 145.50 for colour and 49.00 for black and white. Income from the license is primarily used to fund the television, radio and online services of the BBC. The total income from license fees was 3.6562 billion in 201213 of which 597.3 million or 16.3% was provided by the Government through concessions for those over the age of 75. Thus, the license fee made up the bulk of the BBC's total income of 5.102 billion in 2012-2013.
  • 8. They have their own Television Channels They have their own radios They have their own interactive sites (web) BBC iplayer (catch up TV)
  • 9. Commercial radio is where the station are paid by adverts so you will hear few adverts during the radio station you might be on.
  • 10. Capital fm: London and several other metropolitan areas across the UK (main populated area) Birmingham, Leciestshire and London. Before it was called capital, it was also called Hit music and one galaxy. Also available on TV and on the internet. It does contemporary hit radio, news, entertainment, speech and showbiz. Heart fm: Heart is a network of 17 adult contemporary and southern England and north Wales also heart is a franchise. Also available on TV and the internet. Kiss fm: The headquarters is in the United Kingdom, London also it does it in south Wales, south west England, east of England and theres former Kiss stations in Manchester and Yorkshire. Also available on TV and the internet and they presents and do raves in clubs. Choice fm: Choice FM, branded on-air as London's Choice, is a brand used by the UK's biggest radio company, Global Radio for its urban music radio station. It is anchored by an FM operation in London, and is also broadcast via DAB Digital Radio, Sky, Virgin Media and online.
  • 11. LGR (London Greek Radio): London Greek Radio (LGR) is an Independent Local Radio station broadcast only in London's sizeable Greek community, which is mostly goes to the Cypriot community. It broadcasts in both Greek and English and includes news from the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) Based in North London. Jack FM 2: Oxfordshire (referred to on-air as 'Jack 2') is an Independent Local Radio station broadcasting in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom on FM, the Oxfordshire DAB multiplex and online. It is aimed at "under 30 professionals" with a "female skew", and is a music-heavy station with only limited speech and seven hours per week of specialist music as required by Ofcom. Jack FM 2 competes with Heart Thames Valley, BBC Oxford, OX105FM and sister station Jack FM Oxfordshire, as well as several online Community Radio stations in Oxfordshire. Premier Christian Radio: Is a British Christian radio station wholly owned by the charity Premier Christian Media Trust. Premier Christian Radio broadcasts Christian programming including news, debate, teachings and Christian music to London and the surrounding areas. It operates on three frequencies on medium wave across five transmitters.
  • 12. The effects on relying on advertisements revenue is, if you have low audiences ratings on your radio, you wont be getting advertisers paying for slots in your radio as they would be wanting to advertise and to be getting to a large audience so they are more likely to get customers and this means you wouldnt be getting no money to pay for everything like the DJ, the equipment and the sensual needs.
  • 13. LGR (London Greek radio): *5pm Saturday Restina Greek restaurant *6pm Sunday a winehouse that does deals for restaurants. Capital fm: *12:55pm Icelands shopping deals KISS fm: *7pm SKY broadband offer Heart fm: *3pm Sainsburys shopping deals
  • 14. Global radio is the biggest known company to own many other well known radio stations and makes them a worldwide and make the same stations but in different countries. *Capital *Heart *Classic fm *LBC radio *XFM *Choice fm *Gold Also there RTL group which is a international company which owns many radio stations throughout Europe for example in France Fun radio and many other countries. Then there are other huge companies that owns other radio stations and even TV channels most of these company owners dont have media platforms on most of these as they only have the power on the radio.