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1. We used IMovie to edit and distribute our film through different medias, thousandsof people use Imovie to edit their films to put on things like youtube and otherBroadcasting websites, professional movies are edited on programmes like:Adobe Premiere Pro, final cut pro and video edit magic there are many more. ThisEditing software is much like the one I used, it allows me to do the same editingtechniques which allowed me to do a good movie. 2. YouTube is a platform used by thousands of people for promotion and viewing of theirFilms . We used this particular platform to upload our movie to our blog, however in theprocess we noticed that our film was getting a rather amount of views from the generalpublic so it is a great for if it is a blockbuster film then trailers can be shown freely onthis site. We also used this to upload other stuff like our animatic and other exerciseswhich we did before. 3. Freeplay music is a site where you download and use music, the music on freeplayis un-copy righted so anyone can use it without it been illegal. People that make allsorts of videos on a regular basis also major companies use it as well as otherun-copy righted music. 4. The video cameras we used are not as high tech as all the ones used for big films,however we did use the same camera techniques (rules) like 180 degree, SRS and many more that the professionals that film use. We also used tripods and otherfilming equipment like lighting to film our piece.


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