Presentation writing skill

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  • 1. Vocabulary

2. I take out the garbage.garbage 3. I make my bed. make 4. I do the laundry. laundry 5. I take care of thebaby.take care 6. StructurePresent Simple tense 7. How to use present simple tense S+V the action is general 1. the action happen all the time, or habitually, in the 2.past, present and future 8. the action is not onlyhappening now3. the always true 9. For examples; I make my bed.I take out the garbage. I do the laundry. 10. Activity 1Unusual stretches 11. bedroom,garbage, do, make, laundry,clean, etc. etc. box 1 box 2 12. For examples; I do the laundry.I make my bed. I clean my room. 13. Activity 2Postcard writing