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Penske Automotive Bid Sale Brochure

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  • 1. The Next Generation of 9205 Southern Blvd North East Corner of Property Dealer to Dealer Online Auctions Has Just Arrived.Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411 Bid Sale at Royal Palm9205 Southern Blvd North East Corner of PropertyRoyal Palm Beach, Florida 33411Pre-Owned Inventory Director:Phone: (561)242-4598 Cell: (954)325-8825 Bid_Sale_brchre_7.75x9.125_v3.in1 1 2/5/08 2:46:15 PM

2. BID SALE AT ROYAL PALMBID SALE OFFERSBid Sale at Royal Palm is a powerful auction platform for Bid Sale at Royal Palm gives you unprecedented wholesale dealers to conveniently bid and buy cars online. Our wholesale buying power, and with instant access mission is to provide the largest virtual marketplace for dealer to the largest selection of wholesale vehicles any- to dealer and commercial consignor business transactions that where, its never been easier for dealers to give their occur outside of the physical auctions. Bid Sale at Royal Palm customers exactly what theyre looking for. is focused on developing the virtual wholesale vehicle auc- Bid Sale at Royal Palm, a Penske Automotive Group tion marketplace, offering dealers a better way to buy and sell Company (PAG), is a publicly traded automotive specialty vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere. retailer that operates more than 300 franchised dealerships in 19 Dealers save time and money by quickly searching for vehicles states, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Brazil. they need and can purchase most vehicles for a minimal selling Headquartered in Bloomeld Hills, Michigan, PAG is the second fee. Customers can expect to receive support from experienced largest auto dealer in the United States and is listed as a sales representatives to ensure every transaction goes smoothly. Fortune 500 company. PAGs success has been driven by its Bid Sale at Royal Palm is backed by Palm Beach Auto a Penske commitment to maintaining world-class facilities and providing Auto Group Company. unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.BID SALE AT ROYAL PALM OFFERS Easy Bidding Process 24X7 Powerful Search Engine- Make/Model- Certicated Cars- Mileage- Location Online Credit Application Green Light/Red Light Auctions Last Week Results- Shows Selling Price for Each Car Listed Dealer Financing Arbitration Services CarFax Video Email Updates each week Please visit us at or send an email Number: (561)242-4598 Bid_Sale_brchre_7.75x9.125_v3.in2 22/5/08 2:46:17 PM

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