Non-Hybrid Seeds: What are They?

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Discover the Top 4 Advantages of Non-Hybrid Seeds now and find out why they're great for your home garden!


  • 1. Top 4 Advantages of Choosing Non-Hybrid Seeds

2. Advantage #1: Non-Hybrid Seeds Aren't Crossbred in Any Way They have the same genetic traits as their parent plants, so the seeds will closely resemble their original varieties when they grow. Since they stay very true to their type, you can easily save the seeds in pickle jars, plant them year after year, and still expect the same quality. 3. Advantage #2: Non-Hybrid Seeds are Open-Pollinated Open pollination means that pollination occurs only through natural methods, such as birds, insects and the wind. Open-pollinated seeds produce more generations of their plants, and this guarantees a continuous supply of crops for your home garden. 4. Advantage #3: Non-Hybrid Seeds Aren't Genetically Modified Non-hybrid seeds are also known as non-GMO seeds. Non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds are all natural. They're free from pesticides so they're very safe and nutritious to eat. You and your family can now lead a much healthier lifestyle when you plant these seeds in your backyard garden. This means that they are not genetically modified in a lab somewhere for constant and dangerous testing. 5. Advantage #4: Non-Hybrid Seeds Help You Save Money Once you've bought your first non-hybrid seeds pack, you won't need to buy again. Simply to save the seeds whenever you harvest the crops, store them in pickle jars, and then use the new seeds for the next seasons. Just keep repeating the cycle and you're guaranteed a continuous supply of seeds and crops for a lifetime! 6. With all these amazing benefits, its easy to see why many families always prefer non-hybrid, non-GMO, open- pollinated, heirloom seeds for their gardens. So what are you waiting for? Order your non-hybrid seeds pack now while the prices are still affordable!


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