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  • 1. Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825). Some Interesting Facts: -His father was killed in a duel. -He has a facial scar.-Sent many people to the guillotine

2. Marie Antoinette: 3. Most Famous Works: Death of Socrates. Oil on canvas, 1787.Death of Marat. Oil on canvas, 1793. 4. Thomas Jefferson: Neo-Classicism Architecture 5. Neo-Classicism vs. Classicism Neo-Classicism: US Capital BuildingClassicism: Villa Rotonda, Palladio, 1591 6. Influences: Palladios Villa Rotonda 7. Neo-Classicism Architecture: MonticelloVirginia University 8. Virginia State Capitol Building: 9. Our President lives in a Neo-Classical Building 10. Theatre Satire 11. Theatre Satire Can be in the form of irony or exaggerationUsed as a response to Renaissance (No order)Wanted to regain ORDER (GREEK & ROMAN CLASSICISM)After the Johnson division neoclassicism declinedHowever simple way of writing and many grammar rules are still in effect today (ROMANTICISM) 12. Example Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) GREATESTDICTIONARY OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE (His contribution to literature of that time)London Is a poem by Johnson imitating the Juvenals Third Satire. 13. Satire Classical literature (1750-1820) used a style of literature known as satireSatire is a form of writing that uses wit/humor to comment on society and to send a message.First make people laugh, then make them thinkUses irony and ridicule as a way of focusing on issues. 14. Satire as we know it today! 15. Jonathon Swift Born in Dublin, IrelandSatirist, political essayist, pamphlet writerInfluenced George OrwellBenjamin Franklin based Richard from Poor Richards almanac off of a persona Swift created. 16. Literature in the Classical Era -Jonathon Swift was known for his political satire-Lot of his work was published anonymously or with a false name-A Tale of a Tub-Most famous of all English satire writers 17. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart SalzburgBorn-27 January 1756Died 5 December 1791Child prodigyAt 17 he was playing in the Royal Court in Vienna the music capitol of the world at the time. 18. Mozart wrote 41 Symphonies.Piano No. 21 19. Ludwig van Beethoven German Born-17 December 1770Died-26 March 1827One of the most famous and influential of all composersAt the age of 26, Beethoven began to lose his hearing.Can't Hear 20. Joseph Haydn 21. Austria Born -31 March 1732Died -31 May 1809A lifelong resident of Austriaone of the most celebrated composers in EuropeHe was also a close friend of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart teacher of Ludwig van Beethoven.