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You can read the full article at I am writing this article as this Great man is ill in hospital in South Africa. Nelson Mandela Has been an inspiration for not only the nation of South Africa, but for people right around the world. This is a life well lived. Sometimes controversial, sometimes misunderstood, and other times influential and statesman like. Mandela was born in July 1918 in the Cape Province of South Africa. He was given the forename Rolihlahla, which is a Xhosa term roughly translated to mean troublemaker. What an appropriate name that later turned out to be. After studying Law and failing his last year 3 times, Mandela became more and more involved with the ANC especially the Youth League which he lead for several years. As his influence grew he advocated more direct action such as strikes and boycotts, and eventually he came to the opinion that the ANC had no alternative to armed and violent resistance, to the apartheid regime that was in place.




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