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  • 1. in 20 slides Jamey Stegmaier

2. but he thinks he knowswhat he wants in a woman. Jamey is intentionally single 3. His greatest fear is potato eyes and his greatest delight is theAmazon.com box. 4. Jamey was adopted 3 days after he was born and later published anarticleabout it that was read by over 10,000 people. 5. Jamey absolutely loves his cat, Biddy. 6. Like, loves him like a son. It is a little weird. 7. Jamey hosts an annual Festivus party and posts the Top 10 Grievanceson his blog. 8. Jamey loves to chat about male/female contrasts. He writes anongoing serieswith a fellow blogger. 9. Jamey has a lot ofadvice for guys but he can ' t even grow a beard. 10. Jamey spent a year abroad in Kyoto, Japan where he made somecultural mistakes. 11. Jamey thinks that Ariel is the hottest animated Disney female. Most people agree. 12. Jamey hasn ' t lost afootrace in 10 years but he isthe slowest eater EVER. 13. Jamey lovesApril Fool ' s Day. 14. Jamey is nota good dancer but if he ' s yourwedding date , he ' ll have fun dancing with you all night. 15. Some people are like that. Really. Jamey does not likesurprises. 16. Jamey believes thathe who smelt itmay not havedealt it and thatgood leaderspoint. A lot. 17. Jamey eatsbaby spinachevery day for dinner and flosseseverynight. You should too. 18. Jamey ishappiest at home in St. Louis but wouldloveto spend a year writing out in the world. 19. Jamey loves to write fiction (short stories and novels). He ' s been published. 20. Jamey is starting a company called TypeTribe. If you read or write,you should check it out.