Igniting the Imagination of Many

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"Igniting the Imagination of Many" shares a number of design theories and practices that we are using at Reboot Stories to build immersive storytelling experiences. I'm opening the design process in an effort to share how we're building storyworlds that harness design, technology and collaboration. This work is released under a creative commons 3.0 sharealike non-commercial license. Please provide attribution to @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com and Reboot Stories. More on open design and social innovation... http://learndoshare.net More on building storyworlds http://buildingstoryworlds.com More on Scarcity & Abundance http://www.filmmakermagazine.com/news/2012/07/scarcity-and-abundance-in-the-digital-world/

Text of Igniting the Imagination of Many

  • Igniting theImaginationof Many @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Start by considering behavior. @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • How do animalssearch for food? @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • How dohumans searchfor information? @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Information foraging theoryis based on the analogy of an animaldeciding what to eat, where it can befound, the best way to obtain it and howmuch energy the meal will provide. @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Applying Foraging Theory tohow humans search improvesdiscovery and the usability ofvarious user interfaces.Information Theory by Peter Pirolli & Stuart Card 1999 @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • People following a path are constantlyasking themselves 2 questions.1. What can I expect to gain followingthis path?2. What is the likely cost to reach mydestination? @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • VALUE @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • STORYAS UTILITY @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • VALUE @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • CARE @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • EMOTIONALLYINVESTED @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • CAREVALUE @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • FUN @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • SOCIAL &PARTICIPATORY @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • FUNCAREVALUE @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • 5 WHYS Why should I pay attention? Why should I care? Why should I share? Why should I take the time? Why should I return? @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • O W N EScarcity R S Abundance H I P Reward @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Building Storyworlds the art, craft & biz of storytelling in 21C buildingstoryworlds.com ONLY 140 books Scarcity Each page says set this book FREE please re-tweet. Abundance @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Its not aboutperfection. @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • An ideaevolves &gains powerwith openness. @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • A storyworldevolves &spreads whenpeople feelconnected. @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Leave room in yourdesign forParticipation &Experimentation @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • ByThose formerlyknown as theAudience @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • EmergentNarrative &Collaborationcan be messy. @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Collaborative Layers CORE FILTERED SHARED OPEN @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • TheSTORYLAYER @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • SocialConnectedPersonalizedPervasive @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Dont hold tight to your characters.When constructing a storyworldthe themes that drive the storyare often stronger. #sw21cFrom Building Storyworlds the art, craft & biz of storytelling in 21c
  • HYPERLOCAL @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • GLOBAL @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Digital@lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Physical @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Physical DigitalCONNECTED OBJECTS @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Physical DigitalSOCIAL OBJECTS @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • 1.5-GHz Allwinner A10 CPU, raspberry pi512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage
  • @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • 10 Stepsto ignitingthe imaginationof many. @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Start with clear objectives.What is the goal and why does it require everyone?Encourage experimentation.Fail fast and learn from it.Set time constraints.Break people into groups.Bring everyone together for recaps and to set goals.Make it tactile.Reward often.Have fun. @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Igniting theImaginationof Many @lanceweiler www.lanceweiler.com
  • Alwayslooking forcollaborators.
  • For more infoRebootStories.comLearnDoShare.netWishfortheFuture.comRobotHeartStories.com