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<p>Zach and Seth</p> <p>Zach and Seth</p> <p>Mr. Hasse</p> <p>1/14/2010</p> <p>British Literature</p> <p>The Mark of The Beast</p> <p>The story The Mark of the Beast is a story that could impact my life as well as yours. It can do that in many ways by relating. The story can relate because it is the story of this guy moving to a new place that he has never been to before. He moves to the country of India. He doesnt know what exactly is happening and that can relate to many people.</p> <p>This guy named Fleete moves to India and doesnt really know the Indian traditions and he ends up burning this monkey statue and a bunch of weird stuff begins to happen. This can be related to many people because when you move somewhere you dont exactly know the people and their traditions so it can be very easy to mess things up like Fleete did. If you believe in that superstition stuff then you can understand how a mistake can turn into a very bad situation. After burning the monkey statue Fleete has very many bad experiences and all he can do is just take the pain because of that one mistake that he made of burning the Indian monkey statue.</p> <p>So the story of The Mark of The Beast can relate to a lot of people including me, I have told you how the story related to us and also a little bit of what the story is about so if you get a chance to read it do it.</p>


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