Happy 5th birthday baby boy! slideshow!

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Kyle's 5th birthday slideshow.

Text of Happy 5th birthday baby boy! slideshow!

  • 1. Happy5thBirthdayBaby Boy!
    Youre getting so BIG! This is a slideshow of YOU over the past 5 years! I love you so much and I hope you have a great birthday!! (:

2. Our Precious Gift from God
3. Sleeping baby
4. Silly baby!
Simply adorable
5. Baby Kyle(:
6. Mommy and daddy
love you too!
7. Snowy Days
8. Fun at the park(:
9. Fun at Chuck E. Cheese(:
10. Kyle with spongebob.
11. Preschool graduation.
12. You make EVERYDAY so much BRIGHTER!
13. Over the years.
15. Kyle and his pets.
16. Beforehis first surgery.
17. Just hanging out
18. In his first parade!
19. Birthday fun(:
20. Such a COOL dude!
21. Chillin in the tree!
22. Just the boys.
24. Golfing for the first time.
25. Kyle & Sissy
26. Smile for the CAMERA(:
27. Not a care in the world
28. There will never be another just like you!
You are wonderful and ONE OF A KIND!
29. Nowhereneartheend.
Words can never express how much I truly love you, baby. I wish you could stay little forever but I know you are and will continue to grow to be one amazingly beautiful, loving, and caring young boy. You are the most magnificent gift from God that anyone could ever ask for. Dont ever stop being the incredible person that you are and always remember that you are loved.