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  • 1. Great Wall of China


  • " It sure is a great wall."
  • - US President Mr. Richard Nixon, visiting the Great Wall in 1972.

3. Beginning of the Wall

  • Constructed in the 7 thcentury B.C.
  • The Zhou Dynasty first constructed Walls
  • Qin Dynasty: United China and improved the Walls Came to be known as the Great Wall

4. The Great Wall Under the Qin

  • Used for Defensive Purposes
  • Not Effective: Too few soldiers, Wall Easily Breached
  • After Qin Dynasty, Wall not
  • maintained.
  • As a result, it deteriorated

5. The Great Wall Renovated

  • 2,000 years later: Ming Come into Power
  • Ming Dynasty: Builds the Wall back up
  • It took the Ming Dynasty 200 Years to build the Great Wall
  • This is the Wall we see today in China

6. Uses for the Great Wall

  • Ancient China: Used for Defensive Purposes
    • Not Effective
  • Today: Used to Hike, Bicycling,
  • Tourism

7. Longest Cemetery in the World

  • Over 1 Million People were enslaved working on the Wall.
  • Hundreds of Thousands Died from Starvation and Exhaustion: Bodies disposed of in the Rubble

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