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making best use of the paper along with fun

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  • 1. Fun with paper
  • 2. Introduction to internetmarketing Marketing of products or services on internet Ties the creative, technical aspects of internet SEM promotes websites SEO improves the visibility of the sites SMM, process of gaining traffic
  • 3. Intro. To fun with paper Origami- paper folding
  • 4. Survey data Only 9%males are interested in origami 27% females are interested in origami
  • 5. overview Blog Persona Blog posts Social media Summary
  • 6. My blog
  • 7. Blog topic Easy to find Something creative In budget Anyone can do this Its not time consuming useful
  • 8. persona College student 20 years old Fun loving Creative Self motivated
  • 9. Blog posts Paper folding techniques Paper Mache Paper lanterns Paper bags Paper jewelry Cake decorations Paper stars
  • 10. Social media involved Facebook YouTube Blogger Twitter Pin interest Google
  • 11. Facebook page
  • 12. Facebook insights summary
  • 13. Twitter page
  • 14. You tube- new ideas
  • 15. Google analytics
  • 16. Overview of theblogs
  • 17. Traffic from social media
  • 18. Ppc add Use effective key words Fun with paper Folding paper Fun with news paper
  • 19. Mobile marketing Two categories of interest Customers are constantly connected Interactive wireless media Personalize information
  • 20. pinterest
  • 21. recommendations In order to promote your blog follow: Website Blog Ppc Social media Press release Mobile marketing Email marketing
  • 22. conclusion A great experience Learnt a lot EntertainingSubmitted byVimandeep Sangha821220548