About of Mongolian fine art muzeum History and museum study 2 nd grade

Fine art muzuem

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About of Mongolian fine art muzeum

History and museum study 2nd grade

Mongolian fine art muzuem history

This muzeum was founded in 1905 one parts of Mongolian national muzeum. Later in 1966 this muzeum independent only one named after Zanabazar muzeum of fine art. And museum's buildings located in Ulaanbaatar was constructed in Russian merchant.

Sculptures by Mongolia's first Bogd Khaan and famous sculptor Zanabazar ("Five Gods" and "Taras"), as well as appliques and sculptures in wood and stone by talented Mongolian craftsmen are among the 10 thousand exhibits of the museum. 25 of the 45 most precious works of art created by Mongolia's artists can be found in the museum.

This muzuem artifacts and exhibits

Organized thematically, the galleries are devoted to prehistoric art, work by Zanabazar, painted thangkas, silk appliques, the Buddhist tsam dance, nomadic traditions, and paintings by the early twentieth-century master B. Sharav.

The collection consists of 2,930 thangkas and other objects from Buddhist paintings, robes, appliqué and ritual instruments to prehistoric stone engravings, pottery, sculptures and traditional personal effects such as sets of knives and chopsticks, snuff bottles, bowls and head ornaments, etc.

The prehistoric times exhibitsThis muzuem display to people all period’s work of art. So this art’s one part is prehistoric times objects. Its consists of cave painting /petrograpic/, deer tombstone, earthen pot and ancient peoples other all handicrafts things.

Ancient states art's artifacts

The ancient states art was very develops objects. And fabricate the most expensive and creative objects were Tureg states artifacts to other states. All artifacts was gold and silver. And Jujan state fabricated many dolls. It’s like the ancient people. This dolls obtained Tuv aimag in 2008.

Zanabazar's artifice

In this muzuem’s have got many artifact and this objects some section is Zanabazar ‘s creation artifacts. In This muzuem have got 3000 zanabazar’s god and tara. This is white tara, green tara, ochirdara god and other gods and taras.

Other Buddhist exhibitsThis muzuem have got many buddhist exhibits. This is tsam mask, carvings, many applique, tanka picture, embroidery, paper contrivance, and robe. Tsam mask is many precious stone like coral, emerald, turquoise, blue spar.

20th century’s the most famous painter is B. Sharav. His picture is mongolian most famous work of art. This artifices were ‘one day of mongolia’, ‘born birth’. This picture displayed mongolian all perform an operation things one day and people and animal’s birth their baby. And on the one planar, draw this topic. Also paint to exploit mongolian national ways of adornment. And accommodated many symbol.

Sharav's artifice

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