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ItalyEnglish I


  • 1. Final projectLuigi AbbaticchioEnglish IS: 302 Darien BarretoTeacher: Doris Jennifer PrimeraMolero

2. Unit IAbout MeUnit IIWorldlinkUnit IIIPersonal itemsWhat are you doing? 3. spaghettisport Traditional costumesPizza Coliseum de RomeTower of Pisa 4. Personal opinion After the decline of theRome, the capital of Italy Roman Empire, Italy endured numerous Modern Italy is a invasions by foreign democratic republic peoples has for centuries been aCenturies later, Italy became political and religious the birthplace of Maritime centre of Western republics and civilizationthe Renaissance 5. Unit 3 Personal itemsI have a ball I have a flannel I have a shortI have a glove The shoes have I have a meanGianluigi Buffon 6. Unit 4 What are you doing?Are taking a photoAre handling bikeAre visiting the museum in ItalyAre walking in venice 7. My Favorite dish is PizzaThis dish is from Italia.The People eat it for lunchand dinner it has tomatoeschessee and floor.