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Famous Rajasthani Folk Dances

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Famous Folk Dances of Rajasthan

Famous Folk Dances of Rajasthan

Folk dances of Rajasthan are peculiar. Ghoomar, Kalbelia, Bhavai, Terah Taali, Gair, Fire Dance, Drum Dance and Kacchi Ghodi symbolize the richness of art and Indian culture.


Occasion: On Saraswati PoojaPerformer: Bhil

Features of performance:Veiled femalesPirouettingSlow to fast swirling long skirts Twirling Body inclines with the beating of drumsGhoomar


Occasion: Holi Performer: Kalbelia

Features of performance:Females in black lehenga-choliMelodious tunes of pungi, been, dafli, dholak and khanjariTwirls go on faster on music and beats



Occasion: Navaratri festivalPerformer: Jat, Bhil, Raigar, Meena, Kumhar

Features of performance:Balancing of five to 11 pitchers or earthen potsPirouettingSwaying Perching feet on the rim of glass/plate/thali



Occasion: FestivalsPerformer: Kamada Tribe

Features of performance:13 manjeeras and metal discs tied on hands, knee and toesRhythm created by beating manjeerasPot balancing on headHolding naked swords in mouthBackground singing and playing music

Terah Taali


Occasion: Holi and JanamashtamiPerformer: Bhil

Features of performance:Males and Females holding wooden sticksGroup-dance in two circlesEncompassing while beating sticks Clockwise and anti-clockwise sticking on beats



Occasion: Marriages and festivalsPerformer: People of Jhalore region

Features of performance:Male performers3 dancers juggling and twirling sticks1 holds a naked sword in mouth5 drummers beating drums1 cymbal player

Drum Dance


Occasion: FestivalsPerformer: Banjara community

Features of performance:Male dancers juggling with fireBreath-holding fire stuntsSpitting kerosene on fire for fire-effectsSwirling fire rodsWalking on the bed of burning charcoals

Fire Dance


Occasion: MarriagesCommunity: People of Shekhawati District

Features of performance:Men in kurtas and turbanDummy horse structured in bamboo frameChinking ghungroos that are tied around elbowsQuickly running to-and-fro Rhythm of fluteBeating of drumsMock fighting while narrating tale of Bhanwariya

Kacchi Ghodi


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