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  • 1. Documentary Analysis:The Devil Made Me Do It
  • 2. Type of documentary: Mixed Themes of death, good vs. Evil, religion vs.Satan vs. Christianity (Binary opposites),disaffected youth, parenting and childcommunication. Narrative structure of an open documentarythat has no conclusion.The Devil Made MeDo It
  • 3. Mise-en-scene: Kids inMarilyn Manson clothingshowing their appreciationto his music and indentity.Low key lighting presentsthe mise-en-scene to bedark and fit thedocumentary of death,good vs. evil, religion etc.
  • 4. This is a form of archivematerial in thedocumentary.The title Dont blame goth culture fortragedyis a defence to Manson, againcreating a fear for those who think Mansonis to blame.
  • 5. Direct address fromMarilyn Manson, with amedium close up shotof him.From the medium close up shot we have ofManson, the audience can see the backgroundbehind him that the lighting is also dark andreflects Mansons identity. Also, Manson isfilmed at a low angle to present the power hehas.
  • 6. Graphics Marilyn Manson lyrics. Subtitles. Details of the three girls and their sentences. Dates and locations. Title
  • 7. Graphics of the title arepresented through themise-en-scene as dark andthe font is typical of adocumentary aboutworshiping Satan, but alsoblends into the darkbackground it has with it.
  • 8. This screenshot shows Manson inconcert, a point of view shot from theaudience is what we see.Graphics of the subtitlesunderneath the image show theaudience the lyrics Manson issinging.
  • 9. Graphics from theend of thedocumentaryshowing the detailsof the 3 girls andtheir sentences fortheir crime.With this would have been sound of choral musicbehind it to contrast with Mansons music and tocreate a fear for the audience.Black backgroundpresents the darkness ofthe crime the girlscommitted, and gives thewhite font power.
  • 10. Archive Material Footage from Mansons gig Footage from the funeral. Mansons music videos. Newspaper headlines.
  • 11. Sounding with this wouldhave been choral music tocreate a melancholic toneto what is happening in thescreenshot.The people presented in the image are not dressedlike Marilyn Manson and are a contrast to theteenagers who idolise Manson. Their faces areemotional and this creates fear for those.
  • 12. This screenshot has a close up of theface to present to the audience thatthe death that happened was animportant issue and from her face youcan see how concerned she is.From the location,the backgroundlooks professionaland gives theaudience relief thatthis woman is inknowledge of thedeath.
  • 13. Editing Cuts throughout. Voice overs. Zooming in for dramatic effect.