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Danny vaiselberg aka arnold armpit

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Danny V. Presents the Laws of Purim

Text of Danny vaiselberg aka arnold armpit

  • 1. A person is supposed to leArn About purim 30 dAys before the ActuAl holidAy
  • 2. chAzAl tAught, Just As when the month of Av begins our Joy is reduced, so toowhen the month of AdAr begins our Joy is increAsed. for the Jews in the time ofmordechAi And esther the month of AdArwAs chAnged from sorrow to Joy (tAnnis 29, mA 686-5).
  • 3. rAv pAppA stAted: thAt A Jew who hAs A lAwsuit with A gentile should Avoid itduring the month of Av, for it is A time of ill omen for him. however, he shouldAttempt to hAve it in the month of AdAr, for it is A time of good omen for him (tAnnis 29, mA 686). Its Adar, I`ll go easy on you
  • 4. THE SEVENTH OF ADARthe seventh of AdAr is the dAy on which moshe rAbbenu wAs born And the dAy on which he pAssed AwAy one hundred And twenty yeArs lAter . it is customAry Among the chAssidim And pious to fAst on the seventh of AdAr ( shArAi tshuvA 686).
  • 5. pArshAs zAchoron the shAbbos before purim, we reAd fromtwo sifrei torAh. the weekly pArshA is reAdfrom the first torAh . the second is used forpArshAs zAchor which is found At the end of pArshAs ki setze. the portion of AmAlek isreAd, since hAmAn wAs A descendAnt of Agog, king of AmAlekone should be very cAreful to listen to All the words, since most hAlAchic Authorities
  • 6. pArshAs zAchor since this is not considered A time-relAted mitzvAh, women Are obligAted to heAr the reAding As wellwhile mAny shuls hAve A 2 nd reAding After dAvening for mothers thAt were unAble to come eArlier, it still remAins An inconvenience for some .
  • 7. It should be noted that no one under anycircumstances can fulfill the Mitzvah by Listeningto the Progressive Death Metal band A m a l e k A lt h o u g h f r o m Is r a e l a n d t h e ir c u r r e n t r e le a s e b e in g T h e S in s o f A m a le k , w e a r e in s t r u c t e d b y t h e T o r a h t o r e c a ll w h a t A m a le k d id t o u s a n d c o n s id e r h o w t h is w a s in r e s p o n s e t o o u r s in s o r s h o r t c o m in g s .
  • 8. the slides concerning pArshAs zAchor hAve been generously sponsored by
  • 9. mAchAtzit hAshekel the hAlf-shekel while some poskim others sAyfeel thAt the thAt it mAy hAlf-shekel be given should be before thegiven before reAding ofminchA on the the tAAnis megillAh in esther the morning o thers sAy thAt it should begiven before the reAding of the megillAh
  • 10. mAchAtzit hAshekel the of the bAis hAmikdAsh for the hAlf-shekelto commemorAte the giving of the hAlf-shekel in the time purpose of purchAsing A korbAn hAtzibur- communAl offerings beginning with the month of nissAn, we todAy hAve the custom of giving the hAlf-shekel (rAmA 694-1).the minhAg is to give three hAlf-shekels for it is bAsed on the hebrew word " trumAh" contribution, thAt is stAted three times in the pArshA of ki sisAh where the mitzvAh of giving the hAlf-shekel is mentioned
  • 11. one is required to reAd the megillAh both by night And during the dAy. the obligAtion At night cAn be fulfilled from nightfAll until dAwnthe obligAtion to reAd by dAy cAn befulfilled from sunrise until sunset. in greAt necessity, one mAy reAd the megillAh from dAwn
  • 12. the mitzvAh of reAdingthe megillAh Applies toboth men, women Andchildren thAt reAchedthe Age of trAining.Although women AreusuAlly exempt frommitzvos which hAve Atime restriction, but dueto the fAct thAt womenplAyed A key role in themirAcle they hAve thesAme requirements As AmAn.