Common Questions About Bitcoin Gambling Now Answered

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<ul><li><p>Common Questions About Bitcoin </p><p>Gambling Now Answered </p><p> </p></li><li><p>Online gambling has been on the Internet for years now. This Internet-based department has granted </p><p>millions of gambling aficionados with unsurmountable possibilities to fulfill their gambling pleasures. </p><p>Needless to say that online gambling is one of the most successful branches that thrived within the </p><p>constant progress of technology. </p><p>Given that online gambling is a successful form of entertainment, society cannot take away the fact that </p><p>gambling per se is still taboo among other parts of the world. Therefore, even if this niche operates on a </p><p>decentralized network, countries that view gambling as illegal still have the power and authority to seize </p><p>its operations and sanction those involved. </p><p>This detrimental factor signaled online gamblings slow progress even in todays century. As such, </p><p>numerous gambling aficionados are given the feeling that they are stripped of their privilege because of </p><p>this limitation. </p><p>After years of restraint, the online gambling industry started to boom again right after Bitcoin was </p><p>introduced to the iGaming sector. Of course, because of this surprising comeback, several Internet users </p><p>are now more curious about Bitcoin. </p><p>What is Bitcoin? </p><p>For sure, this is always the initial question when speaking of Bitcoin gambling. For starters, Bitcoin is </p><p>categorized as a cryptocurrency or digital money that is created for the sole purpose of establishing a </p><p>decentralized transaction network wherein users are given full power and control over their currency. </p><p>In addition, Bitcoin is acknowledge on every part of the world and can be transferred and exchanged </p><p>overseas with minimal to no transfer fees at all. </p><p>That being said, Bitcoin in itself has the capabilities of overhauling the current transaction landscape for </p><p>the better. </p><p>Basing on these characteristics, it is obvious that Bitcoin certainly holds a great chance of surpassing </p><p>todays traditional currency. This fact alone makes this cryptocurrency such a hit on the iGaming market. </p></li><li><p>In online casinos, why do gamblers prefer Bitcoin over the conventional currency? </p><p>The reason why online casinos cannot achieve greater heights is because of the currencies that are used </p><p>for gambling. As mentioned earlier, online gambling is still not accepted on most parts of the globe. </p><p>Since real money reports to the government, authorities have the right to control its transaction flow. </p><p>Unlike real-money currencies, Bitcoin reports to no one as it is functioning on a decentralized network. </p><p>No one literally owns Bitcoin hence, no one has the right to control its transaction flow. Likewise, Bitcoin </p><p>can be easily used on any functions, and these functions are similar to that of fiat currencies purposes. </p><p>If both are of the same purposes, then what are the specific reasons that make Bitcoin greater than traditional money? </p><p>Although Bitcoin functions the same as to todays traditional currencies, it still has features and </p><p>functions that made it immediately appeal to users, especially to online gamblers: </p><p>Because of the prevalent issues and conspiracies arising with financial accounts, Bitcoins creator Satoshi </p><p>Nakamoto has equipped this cryptocurrency to what is believed to be its greatest assetits ability to </p><p>conduct anonymous transactions. Compared to real money that requires undergoing rigorous </p><p>confirmations and registrations, Bitcoin can be spent, sent, and used instantaneously with just a click of </p><p>a button. </p><p>Given Bitcoin can be used for gambling, players are now able to gamble without the need to fear about </p><p>their identities security and other unfortunate occurrences that may happen in online gambling. </p><p>On another note, before Bitcoin made its way into the iGaming market, online casinos are notorious for </p><p>manipulating game results for the benefit of the casinos operators. This is another detrimental factor </p><p>the restrained the online gambling industry to further propagate. </p><p>However, Bitcoin strips off this fear by introducing the revolutionary provably fair feature. Unlike fiat-</p><p>running online casinos, Bitcoin casino games are equipped with the provably fair function, which allows </p><p>gamblers to review every game result for its authenticity and legitimacy. Since then, online gamblers </p><p>started moving on Bitcoin-powered platforms because of this feature. </p></li><li><p>What are the special offers in the Bitcoin gambling industry? </p><p>Even from a simpler perspective, the Bitcoin gambling industry is still a gargantuan sector that houses a </p><p>variety of gambling games that are sometime obscure from a laymans perspective. </p><p>The common misconception about Bitcoin gambling is that it is only limited to casino games like slot </p><p>machines and card games that are familiar to the mainstream market. </p><p>However, the Bitcoin gambling niche is more than slot machines. Due to Bitcoins ever growing </p><p>development, it opened more doors for gambling categories to join the revolution. </p><p>Here are some of the interesting departments that the Bitcoin gambling industry houses: </p><p>1. Bitcoin poker </p><p>Although this can sometimes be categorized as under Bitcoin casinos, Bitcoin poker has its own </p><p>department in the Bitcoin gambling industry. This is because of its widespread popularity among card </p><p>enthusiasts. Now powered by Bitcoin, Bitcoin poker offers more extensive sets of poker game variations </p><p>that come with lucrative jackpots as well. </p><p>2. Bitcoin dice and wheel of fortune </p><p>These two games seem to not make it into the iGaming market because of its atypical game setup that </p><p>requires physical objects (i.e dice and wheel). However, because of its popularity both games make it </p><p>through the online gambling industry with the help of Bitcoin. In fact, the very first Bitcoin gambling </p><p>game to be introduced is Bitcoin dice. Therefore, this game functions as a vital stepping stone for the </p><p>Bitcoin gambling industry. </p><p>3. Bitcoin predictions and investment games </p><p>Bitcoin predictions and investment games are among the latest additions to the Bitcoin gambling </p><p>industry. Bitcoin predictions like Bitcoin sports and race betting base its wins on real-time events like </p><p>basketball and horse races. In addition, Bitcoin prediction hosts wagers for current events like politics. </p><p>On the other hand, Bitcoin investment games functions the same way as to the prediction market. </p><p>However, it focuses on real-world finance. Aspiring Wall Street virtuous and seasoned investors can </p><p>certainly enjoy Bitcoin binary options as it accepts wagers for the currency inflation rate and commodity </p><p>rate of the mainstream market. </p></li><li><p>Is Bitcoin gambling worth the try? </p><p>Considering its amplified features like security, fairness, and variety of categories, the Bitcoin gambling </p><p>industry is worth the try. Not only you are guaranteed of enjoyment and satisfaction, you will also be </p><p>able to discover new things and experiences that money or Bitcoin cannot buy. </p><p>Sources / References: </p><p>Bitcoin Gambling </p><p>Bitcoin Forex </p><p>Bitcoin Binary Options </p><p></p></li></ul>