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Comic Book Superheroes

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  • 1.Conquer EvilCreate your own Comic Book Superhero

2. Background

  • Comic Book Superheroes were invented in the 1930s at the time of the great economic depression in America. Superman first appeared in the 1930s.
  • People needed a means of escape from their own difficult and ordinary lives by imagining a character who could do superhuman deeds.
  • In the late 1930s and 1940s Comic Book Superheroes were often depicted as War heroes.
  • Comic Book Superheroes often fight crime or evil. They sometimes fight the threat of aliens like the English Superhero Dan Dare who was first drawn in the 1950s in the Eagle comic.
  • More recently Superheroes have become the source of a series of major films.


  • Task
  • 1 Begin by listing all the Comic Book Superheroes you can as a group(dont forget female Superheroes)
  • 2 Then discuss what Comic Book Superheroes are like and what they have in common.(Use the placemat consensus strategy to collect ideas on these questions before you discuss them)
  • Do they all have an alter-ego (Superman is Clark Kent)?
  • Do they all have special powers?
  • Do they all have particular enemies?
  • Are they all a force for good who aim to conquer evil?
  • How are superheroes different from real heroes?
  • Read the Spiderman Profile below and try to write out a different superhero like Superman or Batman in a Superhero Stats box of your own(there is a template for this that your teacher can give you)

4. Task Continued

  • Now look at some of the other examples of original Comic Book Superheroes on this Power point presentation and on the presentation featuring a Wow Comic from 1943 starring The Penguin and Dart Daring
  • Your teacher may now ask you in pairs to use the Comic Creator website to make a short Comic Strip of your own. Go to:
  • Next make up your own superhero and fill out a Superhero stats box for it.
  • Then draw your Superhero.
  • Finally create a SIX picture story featuring your own Comic Book Superhero conquering evil or crime

5. Spider-Man Profile The Beginning It began when Peter Parker was attending a high-school demonstration of radiation technology. A spider crept into the beam of radiation and bit Peter's hand. This gave him superhuman spider-like abilities. In the original comic book, Peter's new talents inspired him to invent his trusty webslingers, small jets attached to his wrists that fire a special polymer that hardens on contact with air. (In the first Spider-Man film with Tobey Maguire, Parker grows natural webslingers). Peter Parker lives with his Aunt May and works as a photographer for the Daily Bugle. But as Spider-Man, he fights evil in the dangerous, crime-ridden streets of New York. 6. Mary Jane Watson Love interest WhoopsSpidey senses tingling Catchphrase Vulnerable to conventional weapons Weakness The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus Arch EnemiesTrusty webslingers Equipment Superhuman strength and reflexes, can stick to most surfaces, intuitive sense of danger, able to shoot and spin webs Superpowers Bitten by a radioactive spider History Peter Parker Alter-ego Superhero Stats 7. What about the Spider in Spiderman?Why can spiders walk up walls? Spider-Man can stick to almost any surface. Many spiders do this by secreting a little bit of sticky silk onto their feet as they move across the surface, anchoring their feet in place.Others have millions of specially shaped, microscopic hairs on their legs that slip into all the nooks and crannies of a ceiling or window. This helps them to stay secure, like a climber using the tiny cracks in a rock face to reach the top of a mountain.This also explains why you find spiders in the bath - they can't get a grip on the smooth surface to climb out. Stronger than steel Anyone who has ever walked into a spider's web knows that the silk is deceptively strong, despite its gossamer appearance. Dragline silk, which spiders use to crawl down from ceiling to floor, is the strongest of all. Weight for weight it is actually stronger than steel, holding over 280,000,000kg per square metre (400,000 pounds per square inch) without breaking. 8. Example from a Spiderman story 9. 10. 11. 12.