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  • 1. Question 1
    In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

2. Where did my ideas originate from?
My ideas came mainly from other media texts:
These Music videos were videos which I enjoyed and therefore took inspiration from.
My video could therefore lack originality.
3. How different are my products to real media products?
We took some ideas from our favourite videos as we felt a close up on the face will help toshow the state of our protagonist.
We also took pictures of a party scene which resembled the chaos of the music video which we also got inspiration offa professional video we enjoyed.
4. To what extent have I been original?
I feel that we came up with some fairly original ideas. Obviously no idea can be completely original but I felt that showing our proppian character taking drugs at the beginning of his night out and seeing how his mental situation develops throughout the night was an idea which I have never heard of and was an idea of my own.
I decided to show the time in the night by using a watch and speeding it up to let my audience understand the reason for flask backs and flash forwards. I felt this idea was some what original to what I was aware of.
5. To what extent has entropy been used?
Entropy has been used to an extent as we have used effects such as ghosting during editing which may not be included in a video that is typical to our genre.
6. To what extent has redundancy been used?
Redundancy was used in areas such as narrative and rapid editing.
The look of our leading character may have a redundant look about him as he could be easily associated with an indie/dub step style of genre.
7. What are the effects of these entropic and redundant elements?
The effect on the audience using these entropic elements is that it will be a surprise and cause them to enjoy the video even more as it may not be typical of that genre yet works well.
The effect of redundancy should be too lure the target audience into their chosen genre as they recognise and can familiarise themselves to it.
8. Could challenging forms and conventions be dangerous?
Challenging forms and conventions could be dangerous as it could create something which is opposite to the genre they wanted to copy and into a new type of genre lacking any originality.
Yet following forms and conventions could be dangerous also as it could cause you to restrict your ideas and fix it into a certain genre for example.
9. How did my audience research direct my creativity?
My audience research directed my creativity as it allowed me to create options to go down in narrative which were:
I decided to combine Drugs and Partying and thatallowed my creativity to work from that base.
10. How did my audience research direct me into similar texts?
My audience research allowed me to understand the style and sound of music my target audience were interested in.
It allowed me to explore texts in which were attracted to my target audience.