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Urbana performs hundred of bikini waxing treatments in Dublin clinic and this wax is made of the finest ingredients to ensure that you have the most pain-free and enjoyable specialized waxing service possible.

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2. Are you looking forward to book an appointment for a bikini wax? Do you already have an appointment? Great! But how much do you know about bikini waxing? Anything beyond than waxing the pubic area? No, for sure! Usually the first timers do not have any adequate knowledge in this regard and as a result of which they confront many types of complicacies. Hence before visiting a professional, it is wise to know about the different types of waxing procedures available. 3. This is the most common type of waxing and the famous one too. The trend of Brazilian waxing started in the 80s when women started to wear thong bikinis. Often synonymised with bikini waxing, this method has borrowed its name from the Brazilian cut bikini. In this type all the visible hairs in the pubic area are removed from front to back. Many a times, it is also referred to as Hollywood bikini. But theres a major difference between these two types, which will be discussed later. 4. It is otherwise known as landing strip waxing. This method doesnt shave the hairs completely in this region. Rather a straight vertical line is left. Moreover unlike the Brazilian type, hair is removed only in the frontal side. 5. This is the trendiest type of waxing done. In this method, the pubic hairs are decorated in a creative way. This is less painful than its counterparts also. Only the side hairs are removed and the rest are trimmed short so as to appear as a thin patch of hair. Usually bikini girls opt for a heart shape hair trimming for this region. 6. It is often synonymised with Brazilian waxing, but it differs a bit from it. Unlike the Brazilian waxing, where you wont get any landing strip! This ones for those who want to get a hair free pubic area. 7. This is the safest one. If you are a first timer and need a waxing for bikinis, then this ones the best for you. It only removes hairs from the sides, while keeping the hairs of the bikini area intact. 8. Urbana Dublin 9 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, Ireland Drogheda113 West Street, Drogheda, Ireland T :+353 1 6351616 E