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Best Quotes for Mother’s Day By : http://mothersdayquotes.in

Best quotes for mothers day

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Quotes for Mothers Day

Best Quotes for Mothers DayBy : http://mothersdayquotes.in


Mother is our first friend, a friend who is always with us not only in happiness but also in our bad times. Mother is also our best friends.

She works from dawn to dusk, just to make our day perfect. Mothers day gives us chance to thank her for her support to us.

We can send her greeting card or a gift to make her feel happy.

We can also send her inspirational mothers day quotes, either we can text her, or send on her best songs for mothers day whatsapp or facebook.

Few suggested quotes you can send her on this Mothers day.God cannot be present everywhere at the same time, so he created Mother and gifted us.

A mother is our best friend, who is always with us when we need her. Happy Mothers Day.Mother is the synonym of Love.

There are scolding mothers and caring mothers, but most important, they all are loving mothers.

Teacher teaches us the facts, why life exists, but only a mother teaches us to live.

Mother is the source of love and in her we find peace and happiness .

All womens cannot be a good mother follow this posts, but all mothers are always good womens.

A mother always thinks twice, once for her and once for her kids. Happy Mothers Day.

All Mothers are full time workers, who work 7 days a week, 365 day a year without holidays.

When a child becomes bigger, he might feel he is going far from mother, but for a mother time does not matter, day by day she only comes closer and closer and her love for the children always increases.

Key for happiness is to love one another, just as a Mother loves her children.

Father is the head of the family, but mother is the person who brings the family together.

A mother is the only person, who understands her childrens unspoken words.

These are few quotations you can send to your mother on this Mothers Day.

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