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2. That mean bastard JohnBult here we see himbreaking another 16year olds heart!Well, what can a hunkybearded, hard drinkin,hard smokin, cowboyhat (sorta) wearin,guitar playin, pianoshowin dude like Johndo? Its his sensitivitythat is so admirablethough! What a guy!Dont worry Julie, justbe happy you knewJohn Bult from the timeyour momma first leftyou with him backstagewhen you were 13. 3. Nothing odd here,naturally you wouldexpect the elephants inyour band to have hairlike the BeatlesI guess John elephantand Paul elephantwere off doinginterviews when theymade this album cover!Whats next? It wouldmake sense that Berthaand Tina would flattenFoster Edwards! 4. I just called the police! 5. Not------ really sur e-------troub lewit h mak e-up ? 6. Poor Wayne,I guess hisface isnt hisBest.Look evencloser andyou mightfind this wasone ofWaynesearliestrecordings! 7. Seriously? Youdont really believeyou need to read acomment for thisone, do you?Nice songlist! 8. Now, THAT is Entertainment! 9. It justseemed rightthat thisalbumcover wood cum immediately after the previous one. 10. Dude! Slightlyinappropriate moniker,no?ButYou make up for it bywearing drivin glovesto spin the records onthe turntables!Btw; Did it hurt to getthe ZAP painted onthose leather pants? 11. Hey Wally!Your mum justleft in a policecarJudging fromsong #3 on youralbum, youwont be caughtcompletely bysurprise on thisone! 12. Wally,forgetmum,have I got agirl for you!PrettySureThats agirl 13. Now forsomethingcompletelydifferentagain, seriously,what sort ofcomment shouldgo here? 14. DefinitelyNOT whatthe pig wasthinking!TheMinisterscode always lineup tallestto shortest! 15. Cody, youmight havealready hadenough feelinfor today!You knowwhat they sayabout that andblindness,oops, oh man,sorry aboutthat dude! 16. It concernsme that afterlooking atthis albumcover, one ofmy onlyquestionsisWhy is sheholding hershoe likethat? 17. Doesnt everyone enjoy a little taste? 18. Cool dudes,eh?butwhy theyellow woolhat on theguitar?Sure thatsreally the onlytroublingaspect of thiscover! 19. Well, Iwouldunderstandif Jesusfound thisa difficultrequest!I have faiththat thosehairdos willlast aneternity! 20. I think it isthe fact thatthe baby isso largeand has abeard thatmakes thissoRomantica! 21. You got toadmit itSome guysjust got it! 22. That is onelucky CountryChurch lady!but which ofthese sweater-vest studs hashis hand is onher shoulderanyway?This might bethe cast for thenew TLC showcalled BrotherHusbands! 23. You knowwhat?Rudy isdefinitelyright onthis one! 24. Hey, I got agreat idea forour new albumcoverlets take offour clothes andjust, you know,kinda, uh, Idont know,hug and stuffPass theJgermeister! 25. ORIONHmm not thatmysterious orgood looking soget some weirdMardi Grasmask on thiscreepy old guywith evangelisthair and dresshim up in thesame blue asthe background,yeah, thatllwork!SUPERSTAR! 26. Without being acomplete jerk,I do believe thisto be a miracle!well, I did saycomplete! 27. A Heino onlya Muttercould LiebeWith specialguestappearanceby (EinGeschenkfurs ganze)Jahr (alsoknown asDieter fromSprockets) 28. For somereason thephotographeruses the art ofdistraction inthis coverIt is reallyhard to stopwonderingwhy thatchair? or whythat casualarm positionwith theprosthetichand? 29. Ken alwayslaughswhen hishuge twinshows up atthe photoshoots! 30. Do you thinkthis was aconcept or atypo? 31. Is this somesort ofphilosophicalstatement?If they aredead then canthey beconsideredfriends?Or is it that heonly makesfriends withdead people? 32. Fin