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  • New methods of marketingAIMSTo be able toExplain how the filmindustry employs new technology toassist in marketing films20/11/12
  • Marketing through the ages1930sFilms are marketedusing trailers, press andposters1960sFilms are marketedusing synergy such astie-in products as well2000sAdvertisers use socialmedia and internetadvertising to raiseawareness of theirproducts
  • Traditional marketing Above the line (the company makescommission) Mass media Large groups of people Companies like Pearl and Dean (cinemaadvertising) or JC Decaux (billboards) Agencies create marketing products and sellthem to advertising companies
  • Modern marketing Social media Websites YouTube Smartphone apps Synergy merchandise/endorsements etc.
  • Case Study 1 The Blair Witch Project http://blairwitch.com/ An early example of the power of the internet $500k budget $248 MILLION worldwide
  • Case Study 2 Toy Story 3 http://mashable.com/2011/02/18/toy-story-3-social-media/ Aimed at adults and children using a range ofsmart marketing strategies
  • Case Study 3 The Dark Knight http://gothamcablenews.com/ Combines hoax websites with traditionalmarketing Expensive; in a media-literate online universeprovides the means to spread informationquickly
  • The good side of marketing Harry Potter Win for everyone writer; stars; Britain;Warner Brothers Synergy and tie-ins Merchandise
  • When marketing goes wrong http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-17350103 Purchasing the rights to something often leadsto companies protecting their investmentaggressively, which ironically is moredestructive than creative.
  • How do companies use newtechnology?Explain in your own words how the film industryuses new technology to market its products.
  • The Dark Knight(Christopher Nolan, 2008, US)
  • The Dark knight is a film that exists as part of the Batman Universe. TheCharacter of Batman was created by Bob Kane in 1939 for DC Comics andhas become on of the most successful franchise properties of all time. Thecharacter has existed in a number of different mediums and had manydifferent incarnations ranging from a handsome superhero in comics, to acamp billionaire played by Adam West on 1960s TV.In 1989, director Tim Burton introduced Batman as a dark, troubledcharacter to much acclaim. A successful sequel followed in 1992 andcontinued with this theme. By 1997, after Burton left the franchise, JoelSchumacher had created a further two sequels, however these were poorlyreceived by both critics and audiences who claimed they were too campand reminiscent of the Adam West era of Batman.There were no more Batman films until 2005 when British director,Christopher Nolan, re-launched the film franchise by re-writing Batmansorigin story and creating, much like Burton, a dark world of violence for thecharacter to exist within. He would title this, Batman Begins. The film wouldbe lauded by critics and audiences alike, grossing $374Million Worldwideand three years later, delivering a sequel.
  • The Dark Knight(Christopher Nolan, 2008, US)Batman and Officer James Gordon joinforces with Gothams new DistrictAttorney, Harvey Dent, to take on apsychotic bank robber known as TheJoker, whilst other forces plot againstthem, and Jokers crimes grow more andmore deadly.
  • On July 31st 2006 Warner Brother pictures announced that the sequel to thehugely successful, Batman Begins had gone into production. They gave only oneother piece of information The title of the film.The film was given a budget of $185million dollars and would again be producedby the creative team behind Batman Begins:Director: Christopher NolanWriters: Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, David S GoyerProducers: Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, Charles Roven.The Dark Knight(Christopher Nolan, 2008, US)How the film was devised, financed andproduced
  • The Dark Knight(Christopher Nolan, 2008, US)The story for The Dark Knight was loosely established at the end of BatmanBegins with the introduction of the character, THE JOKER.Christopher Nolan and his frequent collaborators, David S. Goyer (with whomhe wrote Batman Begins) and brother, Jonathan Nolan went about writingThe Dark Knight in the Winter of 2005. By October 2006 pre-productionlocation scouting was already in place for a March 2007 start date forprinciple photography. The entire shoot would last 16 weeks and take placein China, UK, Chicago and California (USA).How the film was devised, financed andproducedChristopher Nolan
  • The Dark Knight(Christopher Nolan, 2008, US)How the film was devised, financed andproduced?The film was financed by LEGENDARY PICTURES and WARNER BROTHERS, that later ofwhom owns the exclusive rights to the Batman Character. Warner Brothers hasproduced every Batman film since Tim Burtons Batman in 1989 and had at this pointearned over $2billion from the film franchise (Boxofficemojo.com).Legendary pictures was established by Thomas Tull in 2004. The company wasresponsible for co-financing Batman Begins with Warner Bros in 2005 and by theend of that year had signed a seven year deal with Warner Bros to co-produceand co-finance over 40 pictures. (www.legendary.com/)In addition to The Dark Knight, Legendary pictures hasproduced Superman Returns (2006), 300 (2007), Watchmen(2009), The Hangover (2009), Where the Wild Things are (2009),Clash of the Titans (2010), Inception (2010), The Town (2010)and The Hangover part 2 (2011), amongst many others.Which studio(s) were involved? Who are these studios?
  • MarketingThe DarkKnight
  • Christopher Nolan InterviewThe Dark Knight MerchandisingThe Dark KnightPremiereI am Legend IMAXprologue Meet the CastFirst ReviewHBO First LookFilm Trailer
  • Marketing The Dark Knight A pre-sold film (DC comics, graphic novels, cartoons,television series, franchise (it is the sixth film), computergames) Bankable stars (Heath Ledgers performance and untimelydeath) Trailers (Teaser, theatrical, TV spots) Merchandising (Toys Mattel) Reviews (Variety Showbiz magazine) The premieres Shooting with IMAX cameras The internet (YouTube, official and unofficial websites, fansites, viral marketing)
  • BOX OFFICEThe Dark knight was released on July 16th 2008in the US & Canada on 4,366 screens. Itpremiered in the UK just one week later on July24th on 502 screens.There were over 3000 midnight screenings ofthe film in both countries and all IMAXscreenings were sold out for the openingweekend.US Opening weekend Gross: $158,411,483UK Opening weekend Gross: 11,191,824
  • BOX OFFICEAs of March 1st 2009, The Dark Knight hasgrossed $533,316,061 in the US and48,685,166 in the UK.Its total worldwide gross has been estimated at:$1,001,921,825(Dec 2010)It was the highest grossing film of 2008http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0468569/
  • AudienceThe Dark Knight was released in July around theworld. This is the Summer blockbuster market andis the most important time of the year for filmstudios. During this time younger audiences are notin school and have more time and money to go tothe cinema. Batman appeals to this demographic(age of people) because he is already established asa comic book character and as an action superhero.Due to his long history he is also well known toolder generations and therefore has a largeaudience.
  • DVD/Blu RayThe Dark knight was released by Warner Bros.on DVD, Blu Ray and digital formats onDecember 9th 2008.In the UK the film sold 513,000 units in one dayand it holds the record for the most DVDs soldglobally in one day 3 million.(http://articles.latimes.com/2008/dec/11/business/fi-darkknight11)In March 2011, The Dark Knight became the first filmavailable for rental on a social media website whenWarner Bros. teamed with Facebook.
  • The Dark Knight RisesFilming began on the sequel to The Dark Knighton May 6th 2011. With an estimated budget of$250million the film was released on July 20th2012. Its current WW. BO gross is:It featured all of the principle producersand actors from The Dark Knight and, inkeeping with the release techniques fromthat film, had a teaser trailer, poster, viralcampaign and had an IMAX-onlyprologue in front of Mission Impossible 4:Ghost Protocol$1,080,813,336