20 Things Successful Game Developers Do Beyond Making Games

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This presentation with outline a collection of stories, examples and tricks that will offer the audience the solutions to some of the most recurring challenges game developers are confronted with in the areas of business and PR & Marketing.

Text of 20 Things Successful Game Developers Do Beyond Making Games

  • 20 Things Successful Game Developers Do Beyond Making Games (And Why They Are Worth Every Bit of Effort)
  • Table of contents Who is this guy!? Where does this talk come from? Steps 1 - 20 Summary Questions
  • Bad News
  • Good News
  • Who am I? This is a talk by Vlad Micu Now Head of Studio at Critical Force Entertainment Used to be the PR Manager of Grambleworld.com Did production, game design and creative direction for arkavis Siam co. ltd. in Thailand Wrote for many other international outlets including Gamesauce.org, TechInAsia.com, PocketGamer.biz, Control Magazine, Gamer.nl, XBLAFans.com, Casual Connect Magazine and many more. @vgvisionary
  • Partners & Clients
  • Where does this all come from? 600+ developers interviewed Personal start-up experience Advising multiple international studios Reading a BUTTLOAD on the interwebz
  • Interrupt me any time Ask questions Comment Disagree, please do!
  • #1 Prototyping is king Failing fast Build the core gameplay Kill your darlings Repeat x 100
  • My own first publishing deal (2009)
  • The Numbers 12.000 euros budget. 3 members got paid to made a new prototype 1 team member got a fulltime job. Pulse was later developed for 100k by an external developer. Pulse flopped with only 1000 sales on iOS.
  • Even the big boys do it! www.globalgamejam.org
  • #2 The first 0-15 minutes count the MOST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FpigqfcvlM
  • Examples
  • Where are all my players going? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FpigqfcvlM
  • #3 Your game is popular before its finished YouTubers Press Key influencers in the industry http://www.freelives.net/broforce-game Events
  • Stories
  • #peepeepeepee My Hero
  • #4 Have the Look One of the hardest parts of the job when trying to get people to look at games is having something that is interesting to look at. Just in the fact that we did a very dramatic change, which was perceived to be late in development, everybody was looking. Steve Gibson, VP of Marketing at Gearbox about Borderlands
  • It really helps, trust us
  • #5 Test your game with strangers At a train station In any queue As a pick-up line! At a school/university
  • #6 Apply for indie festivals and competitions To volunteer To showcase Or even speak
  • Example www.promoterapp.com/calendar www.gameconfs.com
  • Coming soon: App Farm http://www.socialityrocks.com/
  • #7 Become a must-have
  • Or at least a must-try
  • #8 Be prepared for business Assets on your mobile Elevator pitch Investor deck Soft-launch numbers Check Kadris awesome talk here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXRverBntZc
  • #9 Wheres your investor deck?
  • #10 Be smart about EVERYTHING Interns/friends are awesome! Integrate processes that work for you. Use that lovely Minimal Effective Dose (MED) approach.
  • 20/80 rule www.lifehacker.com
  • #11 Gather info FREE-TO-PLAY & FREEMIUM DEVELOPMENT Ethical F2P Game Design - LINK Successfully Migrating to F2P LINK The ghosts of development past Free to Play Tips for 2013 LINK A comprehensive free-to-play game model: revenue, DAU, virality and retention LINK Driving free-to-play revenue: Increase conversion rate or increase ARPPU? LINK Developer Roundtable: Triple-A, Free-to-Play LINK The freemium monetization curve is continuous LINK Is piracy a freemium strategy? LINK New Study Investigates If Free is the Right Price for Mobile LINK The Ethics and psychology of the freemium model LINK The Hidden Cost of AB Testing LINK Alternative Financing Schemes for Mobile Gaming Companies LINK Dear Indie Mobile Game Developer LINK The Pyramid of free-to-play game design LINK Mobile Indies and Three Steps Ahead LINK USER ACQUISITION How to define reasonable KPIs for mobile games - LINK Interpreting the new users drop-off chart - LINK Three examples of misguided trips to the Top 10 Downloaded Chart - LINK ANALYTICS Game Analytics 101 - LINK Intro to User Analytics - LINK Getting started with analytics 4: Reading (Part 1) - LINK The 10 Commandments of Mobile App Analytics - LLINK Guide to Mobile App Analytics - LINK Trevor McCalmont's Blog - 5 Common Pitfalls for Mobile Game Analytics LINK Soft launch product development using the Minimum Viable Metrics - LINK The Game Life Cycle & Game Analytics: What metrics matter when? - LINK Top 5 Performance Indicators for Mobile Analytics - Trilibis Mobile Blog LINK Data-driven design vs. Data-prejudiced design LINK Analytics is not a cost center LINK Minimum Viable Metrics for Mobile LINK Big Data in Mobile Gaming: Optimizing the User Experience LINK Quantitative Literacy an Interview with Wharton Professor Dr Peter Fader LINK Guide to Mobile App Analytics LINK DEVELOPMENT Refining Diablo III LINK Starcraft 2 as E-SPORT LINK 6 Reasons why Pet Rescue Saga isn't the next Candy Crush Saga LINK Android Fragmentation Visualized LINK Gunghos Stock Price Rollercoaster and Hit driven valuations LINK http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/TanyaShort/20131010/201752/50_Easy_Steps_to_Ind ie_Success.php REVENUE Mobile gaming revenues are shifting to tablets...and to Asia LINK iOS vs Android - Revenue Wars Infographic LINK Six Ways to Maximize App Revenue LINK Maximize Ad Revenue and Maintain User Retention in Mobile Games LINK RETENTION Why the retention profile is more useful than the churn metric in freemium LINK Retention rates and their impact on lifetime customer value LINK Three Promotions to Get You Through the Holidays LINK Improving player engagement, retention and monetization - check out what weve got in store LINK VIRALITY Better way to monetize your app and drive deeper engagement LINK http://ufert.se/user-acquisition/mobile-virality/explaining-tinders-curiously-viral-growth/ USER-ACQUISITION Emerging Strategies to User Acquisition: Video from Casual Connect Panel LINK Two misconceptions about paid user acquisition LINK Infographic: Want your new game to land in the US Top 10? You have 72 hours to spend $56,000 LINK User Acquisition Divid Android iOS growing - LINK
  • #12 (Do market) research SWOT analysis Competitors Devs with similar backgrounds (and what theyve done)
  • Our own example We were the ONLY pitch with market research
  • Examples http://grambleworld.com/blog/gramble-tips-ultimate-mobile-game-postmortem-list/
  • #13 Pitch to everyone Blow people away You know the market Show the core gameplay An AWESOME video helps (example)
  • #14 Measure or Die http://www.gameanalytics.com/
  • #15 We share everything Insights and numbers Valuable contacts Opportunities and jobs Even a place to stay
  • Especially our mistakes
  • #16 Partnerships get us further
  • Examples
  • #17 We become better people
  • #18 Embrace the power of timing
  • Examples Resogun on PS4 (Housemarque) Company of Tanks on Android (Critical Force Ent.)
  • #19 Learn to love YouTubers
  • #20 Get out of the trenches Like youre down now, but more often ;)