Track your application errors in Rails with party_foul gem

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<ol><li> 1. Track Your Application Errors! By Tushar Maroo (@tusharmaroo) </li><li> 2. Manually add all the exceptions to Github? </li><li> 3. Want a helping Hand? </li><li> 4. Use Party_foul </li><li> 5. Exceptions are created as an issue in Github Tagged as a Bug Smart Creation of all Issues Maintains instance Count Supply sufficient Information </li><li> 6. Example: </li><li> 7. Pros Automatic Issue Creation Smart Easy to use Boost development speed Maintains count and last occurrence Supports Backgroud Processes as well such as Sidekiq, DelayedJob etc. </li><li> 8. Cons Sometimes adds more than required information. Needs separate collaborator to get emails. </li><li> 9. For further learning/Contribution </li><li> 10. Thank You! </li></ol>


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