Telling Stories

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  • 1. Telling StoriesZo Freeman

2. Fiske et al (1998) defines a story as an irreduciblesubstance Story = what its about Narrative = way its told Open text Closed text Barthes argues that there is many meanings to text, more than thedirector intended and expected, this is due to audiences havingdifferent experiences/expectations Hermeneutic/enigma code element of mystery to entice theaudience, is a concealed image, asks ambiguous/philosophicalquestions, persuasion to watch film often comes from feeling ofuncertainty of characters fate 3. Todorovs Theory of Narrative Equilibrium start of every story,balance and harmony Moment of disequilibrium somethinghappens, shatter of equilibrium Disequilibrium hero(es) struggle to fixthe wrongs and return to equilibrium New equilibrium villain is defeatedpeace is restored at a cost/loss, newequilibrium is tainted by the experience(Example shown through The Descent(2003) Trailer)EMODDDNE