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Six Budget Tips to Protect Your Equipment Assets

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Text of Six Budget Tips to Protect Your Equipment Assets

  • 6 Small Budget Tips for Protect ing Your Equipment Assets

    In Partnership with Plant Services

  • Maintain the attitude that lubrication is an important link in equipment reliability

    TIP #1

  • Lubricant costs run only

    about 1 -2% of a typical

    p lant maintenance

    budget . However, poor

    lubr icat ion pract ices

    cause you to spend 10x

    that or 10-20% of the

    budget .

  • Develop realistic cleanliness targets on critical equipment TIP


  • Consol idate lubr icants

    where you can wi thout

    compromis ing per formance.

    Cert i fy your incoming o i l .

    You may pay s l ight ly more

    per ga l lon , but i t i s wel l

    worth the cost to get your

    guaranteed c lean l iness .

  • Keep contaminants out TIP #3

  • Some inexpensive suggestions include install ing: v D es iccant b reathe r s o n tanks a n d rese rvo i r s to keep

    wate r and pa r t i c u la tes o u t

    v Magnet i c d ra in p lu gs to re move fe r rous wear

    v Baf f l e s to a l l ow o i l to s e t t l e co nt aminants

    v S ight g l a sses to mon i to r co r rec t o i l l eve l s

    v Temperatu re g aug es to ma i n t a i n o i l i n good cond i t i on

  • Implement an oil analysis program on critical equipment and monitor carefully TIP


  • Rel iabi l i ty studies

    cons istent ly show that

    approximately 80% of asset

    fa i lures are random. By

    keeping a watchfu l eye, you

    can catch lubr icat ion re lated

    problems before they


  • Develop a training plan on the importance of correct lubrication practices TIP


  • Whether beg inn ing a

    lubr icat ion improvement

    in i t ia t ive or just cont inu ing

    to improve the ex is t ing

    program, a l l manufactur ing

    organ izat ions benef i t f rom

    t ra in ing and educat ion .

  • Create a project plan to execute your program TIP


  • The key to susta in ing the

    improvement e f for t i s to

    bu i ld a deta i led to-do l i s t

    in the form of a pro ject

    p lan that inc ludes both

    major pro ject i tems as wel l

    as spec i f ic act ions i tems

    and tasks .


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