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Self-Driving Cars

Self driving cars -

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Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars

People are not great at driving

But Why : Driving Intexticated


What About Cairo ?

Death Roads

Public Transport


Not Only For Safety : The Disabled & The Elderly

LESS CONGESTION One of the Causes of traffic jams is selfish behavior among drivers

Better Fuel Consumption :

No Need For Traffic Officers + Higher Speed Limits

So , What are Autonomous Cars ? Cars capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input.

Levels Of Automation

Major Car Manufacturers : Level 2

Level 2 Automation :

Auto-Pilot but with hands on the WheelSelf ParkingAssistive breaking Speed limit pilotLane assist

How does the Tesla Work ?A ) more detailed high-precision mapping data

Tesla has started to build high-precision maps that have 100 times the level of granularity compared to standard navigation systems using mostly data from Tesla cars driving on roads, but also some data from Tesla employees driving research cars.17

B) 12 sensors on the bottom of the vehicle, a front-facing camera next to the rear-view mirror, and a radar system under the noseHow does the Tesla Work ?


It should not hit pedestrians, hopefully."It Can read speed signs, recognize animals and objects in front of the car, can recognize lanes and lane changes, and can see far better than a human can through fog, rain and dust storms.

Level 3 Automation Cars :

What About Google ?

Google Car : Components :Sophisticated SoftwareSonarPositioningHigh-Powered CamerasRadarLIDAR

A) Lidar : Laser Illuminating Detection &Ranging Its is used to build a 3D map and allow the car to see potential hazards by bouncing a laser beam off of surfaces surrounding the car in order to accurately determine the distance and the profile of that object.

B) Four Bumper-Mounted Radar Units :the radar units allow the car to avoid impact by sending a signal to the on-board processor to apply the brakes, or move out of the way when applicable.

While LIDAR is great for accurately mapping surroundings, its one fatal flaw is in its ability to accurately monitor speed of surrounding vehicles in real time.24

C) High-Powered Cameras & SONARRedundant system that allows the car to effectively cross-reference data from other systems in real time to apply the brakes, pre-tension seat belts for impact, or swerve to avoid obstacles.

D) Positioning

he system works alongside the on-board cameras to process real-world information as well as GPS data, and drivingspeed to accurately determine the precise position of each vehicle, down to a few centimeters all while making smart corrections for things like traffic, road construction, and accidents.26

IS it all Pros ?

The Cons :

Is it Legal ?

Also :

Also ;