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Presented By: Abdul Ahad (141014025) & Anuka Tabassum(141014035) Self Driving Car

Self driving car

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Page 1: Self driving car

Presented By:

Abdul Ahad (141014025) &

Anuka Tabassum(141014035)

Self Driving Car

Page 2: Self driving car

What is Autonomous Car?

• An autonomous car is also known as Driverless car , Self-Driving Car & Robot Car• It is vehicle that can drive itself from one point to another without any assistance from driver• In other words it is operated by an autopilot system

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What is the purpose of Autonomous Car ?

•Driver error is the most common cause of traffic accidents •Cell phones in-car ,entertainment systems, more traffic and more complicated road systems making it more frequent•By this improving technology this car will do the concentrating for us.

Page 4: Self driving car

Google Project of autonomous Car

• Nevada Dept. of Motor vehicles issued the first license for an autonomous car in may 2012. The license was issued to a toyota Prius modified with Google’s experimental driverless technology. • But requires a human in the driver seat at all time while the vehicle is in use.• Thus Tech Giant GOOGLE started their autonomous car project

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Technologies behind Self-Driving Car

Page 7: Self driving car

Equipments of autopilot system

• A rotating Light sensor or LIDAR

•Four RADAR sensors

Page 8: Self driving car

• A GPS(global positioning System)

• A Ultrasonic SensorFINALLY

A Central Computer

Page 9: Self driving car

The Video

Page 10: Self driving car