Plunger Lift Evaluation Testing at Surface Solutions

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Plunger Lift Evaluation Test (PLET)www.SurfaceSolutions.caWhy?Raw data and reporting maximize production and avoid down time. SSI data can be used for preventative maintenance, plunger lift optimization and troubleshooting.Regularly scheduled plunger lift tracking will support production potential.Holes in the tubing, wax formation and non-arrivals are addressed instantly using SSI PLET services.PCS 3000 Optimized by SSISSI can monitor a complete plunger lift cycle which can detect wear on the plunger, leaking or missing standing valves and adjust to shut in or after flow times.

SSI sample report

Plunger Lift System

Plunger lift evaluation tests can help support the piping changes recommended by the plunger lift provider.Remote Access

Surface Solutions can access sites with quad or side x side in very remote areas. SSI can provide answers to these questions and more.Where is the plunger/ what is the fall velocity?What is the fluid level?What are the pressures during a lift cycle?Does tubing pressure push gas out? Is a standing valve required?Does gravity produce bottom hole pressure?Are there restrictions to plunger fall?

SSI Plunger TestingSSI captures acoustic and pressure data from tubing and casing throughout a plunger lift cycle. By monitoring a complete cycle SSI can determine wear on the plunger, leaking or missing standing valves and adjust to shut-in or after-flow times.PLET testing should be part of any routine maintenance program.

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Safety Overview

Surface Solutions is committed to maintaining a high standard in health and safety. All company specific orientations and standard PPE requirements.Along with:

BC First AidAlberta Safety Council ATV trainingBear Awareness (Enform)

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