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Surface Solutions Fluid Level Testing. Determine gas/liquid interface downhole. www.surfacesolutions.ca


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Acoustic Fluid Levels (FLVL)www.SurfaceSolutions.caWhy?Records the depth of the gas / fluid interface in the well annulusMonitoring of the fluid level can help evaluate current production practicesCalculating bottom hole pressures to satisfy AER required testingRegular fluid level testing can help save downhole pump repairs and ultimately save moneyModern firing equipment

Typical rig in to shoot annular fluid level using HBT nitrogen firing head.Single shot fluid level

Field Optimization

Monthly fluid level in NE BC-regularly scheduled fluid levels help optimize your field.Remote Access

All SSI fluid level equipment is portable and user friendly. ATV or other remote access is not an issue.

Multiple shot fluid levels

ClientsAnd over 250 more

Safety Overview

Surface Solutions is committed to maintaining a high standard in health and safety. All company specific orientations and standard PPE requirements.Along with:

BC First Aid Alberta Safety Council ATV trainingBear Awareness (Enform)

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Gil Kleven Calgary SalesGRANDE PRAIRIE - HEAD OFFICERED DEER | ESTEVAN | CALGARYwww.SurfaceSolutions.ca


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