Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing at Surface Solutions

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Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test (DFIT)www.SurfaceSolutions.caWhy?To satisfy AER initial conditions and to determine permeability of a certain zoneThis can be done pre-flow to give an indication of the zones performance prior to full-fracHigh accuracy surface data can be gathered and analyzed in lieu of expensive and time-consuming downhole recordersSSI and Fracknowledge offer real time DFIT analysis and help calculate a frac halflength to help directive 83 planningDFITProperly temperature compensated surface data acquisition ensures reliable results.

DFIT Test examplesLiquid Flow vs Time

Ops Log

Report 10,000 or 15,000 psi equipment capabilities.SSI can capture pumping data as well as extended fall off pressures on one data file.SSI can allow web access to client DFIT in streaming format.Fracknowledge DFIT analysis can be achieved in real time allowing for quicker decisions.Remote AccessSurface Solutions has the ability to transfer equipment to remote sites for test completion

15,000 psi

Compare our Butech 15,000 psi manifold to flexible hose used by our competitors15,000 PSI Test

ClientsAnd over 250 more

Safety Overview

Surface Solutions is committed to maintaining a high standard in health and safety. All company specific orientations and standard PPE requirements.Along with:

BC First AidAlberta Safety Council ATV trainingBear Awareness (Enform)

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