CEMENT PAINTS Presented by : Akshay Dhingra Vishrut Gawri

Cement paints

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All the information about Cement paints is shared in this presentation. Knock yourself out :D

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CEMENT PAINTSPresented by :

Akshay DhingraVishrut Gawri

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• Cement paints are covered under powder paints which are used for exterior cemented walls, all types of masonry surfaces like Bungalows, Multistoried buildings, Bridges, Dams,Houses, Buildings of General Public, etc. and can also be used for Interior as well as exterior masonry cemented surfaces.

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HOW IS IT MADE?Process of Manufacturing:

Formulations Cement Paint is a mixture of portland or white cement and lime with additions of mineral extenders, accelerator and water repellant substances. A typical formulation is as follows :

White / portland cement 50-60% Calcite /Titanium Dioxide 10-15%

Calcium Chloride 2 - 5% China Clay 10%

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• Water to be added just before use.

• Necessary to mix the paint from time to time while using it.

• Cement paints are mainly used over the plastered surfaces.

• Water to be sprikled time to time while setting paint

• Do not apply cement paint on surfaces which are already treated with whitewash, color wash and dry distemper unless the surface is thoroughly scraped and cleaned properly.

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APPLYING CEMENT PAINTPreparing the surface

Clean the surfaceThe surface must be cleaned of mortar droppings, dirt, dust, greaseand other foreign matters such as growth of molds, algae, moss bybrushing and washing. Efflorescence deposits must be cleaned also.

Repair the patchesPatches on painting area must be repaired by plastering followed by application of a coat of waterproofing cement paint on patches after wetting the surface completely.

Clean existing paint/whitewashClean old/existing surface, previously treated with whitewash and colorwash thoroughly by scrapping all whitewash, color wash when waterproofing cements paint is required to apply on existing surfaces.

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Do mixing thoroughly

Step1: Mix cement paint and water in proper ratioTake 2 parts of cement paint and one part of water and stir thoroughly.Take care to add cement paint gradually to the water and not vice versa.

Step 2: Add remaining waterAdd remaining one part of water to the mixture

Step 3: Shake the solutionStir the solution thoroughly to obtain uniform finish.

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Apply first coat of cement paint

Apply the solutionApply prepared solution with brushes or spray machine after cleaning and wetting cement or concrete surface. hake the solution during application and use it within one hour after mixing otherwise it would be thicken and affect the finish.

Getting good finishTake care that the thickness of paint is uniform. Brush out the laps well and dampen the surface after days work.

Apply second coat of cement paintAfter the first coat is set at least for 24 hours, apply second coat by repeating application process of the first coat.

Do proper curingSince hardening of paint film depends on the availability of moisture for chemical reaction with cement, the water should be sprinkled on painted surface at least for two days.

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USES OF CEMENT PAINT• Cement paint gives very good protection

to all kinds of masonry surfaces from Ultraviolet rays present in sunrays

• It gives very good protection from severe climatic conditions like rain, heat, water, humidity, salt atmosphere near sea-shores, to all types of cemented walls, surfaces.

• It prevents growth of fungus and bacteria on masonry surfaces.

• It gives very good colour and pleasing appearance to all types of masonry surfaces.

• Cements paint hides out various surface irregularities, hair lining,roughness etc. thereby giving smooth and pleasing appearance to all cemented masonry surfaces where it is applied.

Devor house, Canada

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QUANTITY (KG) COST(RUPEES) 20 550 25 650

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BENEFITS• Economical• Better performance for outdoor protection and

decoration. • Available in various colors and can match up

with any shade. • Has matt finish, an inexpensive way to cover

large areas such as cellars and garages. • No chance of drying it up since its available in

powder form which is mixed into water before application.

LIMITATIONS• Not durable in comparison to Acrylic Paints (lasts upto 2-3

years).• Colour fades away easily giving a displeasing look.

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DEALERS OF CEMENT PAINT IN DELHI• M/s. Devi Dayal and Co. Lal Kuan,Delhi-

110006.• 6. M/s. Bhagsons Paint Industries 18, D.L.F,

Industrial Area,Najafgarh Road, New Delhi-110001.

• Mehta Paints, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi - 110029