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Automatic Train collision and Accident Avoidance system

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This is a new idea on train collision prevention

Text of Automatic Train collision and Accident Avoidance system

  • 1. Automatic Train Collision and Accident Avoidance System By, R.Pradeep Raj III Year EEE, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College.

2. Contents Importance of this topic Rail accidents An overview Ideas suggested : Automated Braking in Trains Real-time Train monitoring Alert system using Pattern Recognition 3. Why this topic..? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Year 1890's 1900's 1950's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's 2011-13 Survey on Train Accidents 4. Rail accidents 4 January 1961 - Frontal collision of two passenger trains near Umeshnagar. 35 dead, 61 wounded. 13 August 1998: Nineteen killed and 27 injured as a bus rams into the ChennaiMadurai Express train at an unmanned level-crossing. 13 November 2013 - A herd of 40 elephants was struck by a passenger train in Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. 5. 1. Automated braking To detect the presence of obstacle even from a long range Human inaccuracy Optimal level of brake application Need : 6. Braking System Types : Vacuum brake (obsolete) Air brake (currently in use) - Westinghouse Brake The average braking distance of a train moving at a speed of 100 km/hr is about 300m. Dynamic Braking 7. Westinghouse Brake Lever 8. Ultrasonic Transducer Production of high frequency sound waves around 18,000 hertz Works on the principle of Piezo-electric Effect Generated by Piezo-electric crystal Also produced by Magneto-striction effect Time interval between sending and reception 9. Generation : Transceiver : 10. O B S T A C L E ADC Microcontroller Driver circuit and Actuator T R A N C E I V E R Application of Brakes Intimate the Loco-driver 11. 2. Real-time Train Monitoring Placing for every 300m 500m in unmanned level crossing and accident prone zones. It gives the real time parameters of train : Speed of the train Direction of the train Location of the train 12. Piezo-electric sensor Changes in pressure Acceleration strain or force by converting to electrical signals To measure 13. Block Diagram 14. What can we achieve? An easiest way to get the real-time parameters Intelligent alert system at crossing Best way to eradicate Train-Vehicle collision 15. 3. Pattern Recognition An Application of Digital Image Processing Based on Bayesian Decision Theory Types : 1. Statistical Pattern Recognition 2. Structural Pattern recognition 16. Alert using Pattern Recognition It compare the sensed image with predefined image pattern which is stored and takes decision. 17. Ecological Gateway A geographical location along or between the forest where migration of animals occurs. 18. What we planned ? Image pattern of track is predefined in Image processor and monitored regularly. If any major change in image pattern is sensed it will alert personnel in control room. 19. START CAMERA MONITORS THE TRACK IF CHANGE OCCURS ALERTS THE DETECTION TO CONTROL ROOM DECISION WAS TAKEN STOP NO ACTION (IDLE STATE) NO YES FLOW CHART : 20. Pros of the Idea No need to monitor the track for 24*7 Animal collision is greatly reduced Needs to be installed only in specified area 21. Conclusion 0 10 20 30 40 Year 1890's 1900's 1950's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's 2011-13 2020's When these ideas are implemented in the future, surely the rate of rail-accidents due to collision can be drastically reduced.