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Presentation for Citigroup June 19, 2007

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-2015Application Lifecycle ManagementPower of an Integrated Environment

Kovair MarketingWhat Organizations Want?Kovair Software Copyright 2000-20152

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-20153Confused?Changing Requirement

Distributed Teams

No Visibility

No Predictability

Uncontrolled Process

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-20154Life of Siloes

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-20155Results In Failure

Key to SuccessKovair Software Copyright 2000-20156

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-20157Four Pillars of ALM

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-20158Four Pillars of ALMCollaboration Working on same source of information Real-time collaboration of stakeholders Elimination of manual handoffs

Process Central workflow governing all activities of life cycle from ideation to implementation

Tracking Visibility and Traceability of data across all tools of the eco-system Real-time visibility of the progress, thus increasing release predictability

Quality Control Quality built-in at every stage Continuous testing throughout the life cycle

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-20159Orchestration of the Four Pillars By Kovair

100% Web based catering to different time zones

Real-time collaborative platform

Task based graphically configurable workflow

SOA based ESB capable of integrating any tool

Support for cross tool data traceability

Real-time data reporting

Role based dashboard with drill down capability

Flexible codeless configuration

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-201510Kovair Integrated ALM Offering

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-201511Connecting the Teams Together

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-201512Kovair Task Based Configurable Workflow

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-201513Kovair Task Based Configurable WorkflowAllows configuring your working process instead of imposing any built-in configurationEliminates manual handoff with combination of tasks and notificationsSupports Cross tool processesWeb based visual drag & drop designerTask based workflow for multiple parallel processes-as opposed to State based workflowMultiple Independent processes for different functionsConditional BranchingProvision for defining Process VariablesSupport for both Macro and Micro level processesKovair Cross Tool TraceabilityKovair Software Copyright 2000-201514

Kovair Cross Tool TraceabilityKovair Software Copyright 2000-201515Supports bidirectional cross tool end-to-end traceability

Helps in doing both proactive and reactive impact analysis of a change

Helps tracking of different entities real-time to ensure quality

Allows defining relationship between artifacts in your own way

Supports defining attributes specific to relations

Kovair ReportingKovair Software Copyright 2000-201516

Kovair Software Copyright 2000-201517Kovair ReportingProvides built-in graphical and textual reports in Word, Excel, PDF, Crystal formats and dashboards with real-time drilldown data access

Role based relevant dashboards for tracking progress

Configurable KPIs as per organizational needs

Capability of rolling up project metrics data to Portfolio level

Capability of generating documents for different standards compliancePhases of ALM Project ManagementKovair Software Copyright 2000-201518Project ManagementProvides ability to schedule resources as per work loadFacilitates a comprehensive scheduler for project planningAllows generation of Earned Value Management metricsEnables real-time monitoring of planned vs actual dataProvides Integration with MS-Project and Outlook Enables users to view the project calendar and track the progress

Task ManagementGives visibility to the users on their pending tasksProvides capability of entering timesheets against tasksAllows maintenance of different types of task as per business needs

Time ManagementAllows users to book their time entryAllows approval or rejection of timesheetsProvides the capability of rolling up of time data to project level for time and cost monitoring

Phases of ALM Requirements ManagementKovair Software Copyright 2000-201519Provides multiple mechanisms to gather Requirements Direct EntryEmailIntegration with other tools and Outlook From corporate websiteImport from Word or ExcelFacilitates collaborative review of requirementsAllows reusing of Requirements and its related artifacts without copy/pasteProvides in-built modeling capabilitySupports bi-directional traceability with proactive and reactive impact analysisEnables users to generate custom templates based PRD/MRD/SRS documentsSupport for versioning Creation, Viewing Differences, MergingAllows users to know the Who, When and What of changesSupports BaselineFormatted output to Word, Excel, PDF

Phases of ALM Test ManagementKovair Software Copyright 2000-201520Allows creation and managing of Test CasesImports Test Cases from ExcelFacilitates Test Cases approval in collaborative mannerSupports reusing a Test Case as part of another Test CaseAllows managing both manual and automated testsManages multiple versions of test runs for each Test CaseAutomates test scheduling and running Test Cases in batchesAutomates defect capturing from failed Test CasesSeamless bi-directional integration with HP QC, QTP, RQM, RFT, MTM, Selenium, RTRT & Test LinkReflects results of automated scripts executed in tools like QTP & SeleniumProvides Real time reports and dashboards reflecting status of test casesProvides traceability with other artifacts of ALM

Phases of ALM Defect ManagementKovair Software Copyright 2000-201521Allows real-time defect monitoring thus increasing predictability on quality

Provides multiple methods to capture defects

Allows establishment of traceability with other artifacts

Enables users to prioritize defects for resolution

Allows escalation based on defect ageing

Allows automatic creation of defects from failed test cases

Provides Bi-directional integration with JIRA, Bugzilla, TFS, RTC, Clear quest

Integrated Pieces of Kovair ALMKovair Software Copyright 2000-201522Development ManagementProvides Bi-directional integration with Eclipse, VSTS Developer, RAD Provides Plug-ins for Eclipse , VSTS, RAD to view artifacts in other toolsAllows establishing traceability with other artifactsFacilitates sending of notifications on pending itemsEnables creation of cross tool relationships from the IDESource Control ManagementProvides Bi-directional integration with Perforce, SVN, TFS, Clear Case, Git, and Gerrit Allows viewing the content of the files through federated linkAllows establishing traceability with other artifactsBuild ManagementProvides Bi-directional integration with ANT, MS Build, Hudson, Team CityAllows invoking automated buildsEnables capturing of build results and relating it with release

Kovair Omnibus The Integration PlatformKovair Software Copyright 2000-201523Supports Synchronization and Federation of dataSupports Linking and Syncing.

Value Add beyond data plumbing capabilitiesProcess, Traceability, Project & Resource Management , Analytics & Reports

AdvancedFeaturesRobust Reliability MechanismsUnique ability to Sync and LinkReuse Integration TemplatesAbility to Define Processes Spanning across Multiple ToolsMulti-tool RoutingEnables non-OSLC Compatible Tools to act like OSLC ProvidersIntegration of Attachments, Comments, Rich TextSynchronization of RelationsPowerful Plug-ins for IDEsAbility to Define Cross Tool RelationsData Transformation as an integral part - configurableManage Integration Rules independent of Adapter No rules hardcoded, easy changesSupport for Load balancingReal-time Monitoring of data routingNotify users on any transaction failure for easy troubleshootingWeb based mouse click configurabilityBuilt-in data validation mechanism

23Omnibus ArchitectureKovair Software Copyright 2000-201524

Kovair Omnibus Current Set of IntegrationsKovair Software Copyright 2000-201525

25Kovair Software Copyright 2000-201426

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