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Electrical Apprenticeship

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  • 1. York Electricians JATC Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee

2. About The NJATC National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee Created in 1941 Trained over 350,000 apprentices to journeyman status Partnership between IBEW and NECA o International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers o National Electrical Contractors Association 3. NJATC Training Centers Centers in Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii (Not Shown) 4. Mission The mission of the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee is to develop and standardize training to educate the members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association; insuring and providing the Electrical Construction Industry with the most highly trained and highly skilled workforce possible. 5. York Electricians JATC Currently have 39 Apprentices o 37 Inside Wireman Apprentices o 2 Installer Technician Apprentices New Training Center with several hands-on labs o Motor Control Lab o Conduit Bending Lab o Craft Certification Lab o BICSI Lab o Solar, Fire Alarm, Transformer, Electronics Professionally Trained Instructors o University of Michigan o University of Tennessee o National Labor College o Concordia University 6. College Bound Program is fully accredited by the American Council on Education o 52 credits for Inside Wireman Program o 37 credits for Installer/ Technician Program Scholarships available through: o International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers o Union Plus o AFL-CIO Working America 7. Motor Control Lab 8. Conduit Bending lab 9. Craft Certification 10. BICSI Lab 11. Solar Photovoltaic lab 12. Other Labs 13. Inside Wireman Program 5 years o 8,000 hours OJT (on-the-job training) o 900 hours classroom instruction o New Blended Learning Format Receive a Journeyman Wireman classification Current JW Wage $29.65 / hr. Current Benefits Package $14.54 / hr. 14. Inside Wireman Curriculum Conduit Fabrication DC and AC Theory National Electrical Code and Practices Test Instruments Transformers Motors, Motor Control Rigging and Torque Blueprint Reading Grounding and Bonding Power Quality Structured Cabling Building Automation Lighting Controls Fire Alarm and Security Systems Photovoltaics (Solar PV) Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Hazardous Locations Safety Related Work Practices and more 15. 1st Year core curriculum Orientation 1 Job Information 1 Conduit Fabrication 1 & 2 Code and Practices 1 DC Theory 1 4 Applications 16. 2nd year core curriculum Orientation 2 Test Instruments 1 Codeology 1 AC Theory 1 Blueprint Reading 1 Safe Work Practices 1 Transformers 1 Code and Practices 2 4 Applications 17. 3rd year core curriculum AC Theory 2 Transformers 2 Safe Work Practices 2 Code and Practices 3 Blueprints 2 Fire Alarm 1 Grounding and Bonding 1 Plus 10 credits of Advanced Training 18. 4th year core curriculum Blueprints 3 Code Calculations 1 Grounding and Bonding 2 Motors 1 Motor Control 1 Plus 15 credits of Advanced Training 19. 5th year core curriculum Code and Practices 4 Orientation 3 Code calculations 2 Motor Control 2 Torque 1 Rigging 1 Plus 15 credits of Advanced Training 20. Advanced Training DC Theory 2 AC Theory 3 Semiconductors 1 & 2 Digital Electronics 1 Transformers 3 Motors 2 Power Quality 1 Motor Control 3 PLC 1 & 2 Instrumentation 1 & 2 Code and Practices 5 & 6 Code Calculations 3 Hazardous Locations 1 & 2 Fire Alarm 2 Lightning Protection 1 Health Care 1 & 2 Nurse Call Systems CCTV 1 & 2 Local Area Networks 1 & 2 Paging Systems 1 RF Communications 1 Sound Reinforcement 1 Structured Cabling 1 Telephony 1 Lighting Essentials 1 & 2 Security Systems 1 & 2 Building Automation 1, 2, & 3 Distributed Generation 1 Photovoltaics 1 & 2 21. Inside Wireman Job Description Installing new wiring and Repairing old wiring Installing Receptacles, Lighting Systems, and Fixtures Planning and Installing Raceway Systems Power Distribution, Grounding, Temporary Power Fire Alarms, Security Systems, Telephone and Data Systems Job planning and supervision Troubleshooting and Repairing Electrical Systems Power and Controls to Motors, HVAC, and other Equipment 22. Installer Technician Program 3 years o 4800 hours OJT (on-the-job training) o 480 hours classroom instruction Receive an Installer Technician B classification Current Tech B Wage $20.97 / hr. Current Benefits Package $15.05 / hr. 23. Installer Technician Curriculum Test instruments Structured Cabling Fiber Optics Blueprint Reading National Electrical Code and Practices DC and AC Theory IT Power Quality IT Telephony Paging Systems Security Systems Fire Alarm Local Area Networks (LAN) Grounding CCTV Audio and Video Systems RF Communications Nurse Call Systems and more 24. 1st year V-D-V curriculum Orientation Job Information 1 Test Instruments Fiber Optics Blueprint Reading Code and Practices 1 DC Theory Structured Cabling Systems 25. 2nd year V-D-V curriculum Orientation AC Theory Power Quality Telephony Paging Systems Security Systems Fire Alarm Local Area Networks Grounding Code and Practices 2 26. 3rd year V-D-V curriculum Building Automation CCTV Residential Audio & Video Systems RF Communications Semiconductors Sound Reinforcement Nurse Call Residential Advanced Technology Automating and Integrating Residential Systems 27. Installer Technician Job Description Plan and initiate projects Install underground Voice-Data-Video Feeders Grounding Electrode Systems Install pathways and racks to house VDV Systems Install, Terminate, and Test Copper and Fiber Optic cables Communications, security, access control, and sound distribution systems Local Area Networks (LAN), Gateways, Routers, Telephone switches 28. Entry Requirements High School Diploma or GED One year of High School Algebra 17 years of age Valid Drivers License Qualifying Score on Aptitude Test Drug-Free 29. Journeyman Online CE Building Automation 1 Building Automation 2 Conduit Bending and Fabrication Electrical Safety Simulator Electrical Systems 2011 Fluke Instrumentation Academy Klein Virtual Boot Camp Lutron Lighting Controls Academy Milwaukee Test & Measurement Academy Motors Photovoltaic Systems Salisbury Rubber Goods Academy Success in the Workplace Test Instruments Transformer Principles & Applications 30. Journeyman Classroom CE OSHA 30 NFPA 70E Solar Photovoltaic Systems MV Splice/ Termination Electrical Project Supervision 1 & 2 Powder Actuated Tools Industry Awareness Code of Excellence Rigging and Lifting Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (EVITP) First-Aid/ CPR Programmable Logic Controllers BICSI Installer (Copper, Fiber Optic, Technician) Motor Control 1 & 2 31. Craft Certification Based on Job Analysis by American Institutes for Research (AIR) Identified 20 most critical tasks and 10 KSAs of Journeyman Electricians Craft Certification process validated by National Electrical Certification Board Two Components: o Written Examination (5 Incremental, 1 Overall) o Performance Evaluation (5 Incremental, 1 Overall) Journeyman must pass both overall exams to become craft certified Apprentices must pass both incremental exams to advance 32. BICSI Building Industry Consulting Services International Industry standard for IT systems Often required by job specifications York electricians JATC is an Authorized Training Facility (ATF) We teach Information Technology Systems Installation: o IN101: BICSI ITS Installer 1 Training o IN225: BICSI ITS Installer 2, Copper o IN250: BICSI ITS Installer 2, Fiber Optic o TE350: BICSI ITS Technician 33. Address York Electricians JATC 555 Willow Springs Lane York, PA 17406

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